Bose Bluetooth Headset

When a Bluetooth headset is presented somewhere in the world, then it’s worth still no message. If connect may test this Bluetooth headset as the first magazine, then not necessarily. But behind this innovative ideas and convinced the results of the pre-test, then already. And both are true to the youngest child of Bose.

Plenty of experience, which is incorporated in the product areas in the chic small Earset audio and noise inside the simply called Bose Bluetooth Headset Handsfree for the ear.

Behind the Bose jewelry full of TriPort acoustic headphone structure mentioned technology is a sound optimization, which can be reached through sound leadership, the shape of the ear plugs, and the used speakers. Again more complex signal processing fails: one recognizes the headset ambient noise of the phone and she picks out from the language that the callee there is little or no longer perceives it, on the other hand the level of of headset according to the ambient noise is raised so far, that the difference between noise and voice volume is so high, that the interlocutor in extremely noisy environments should remain understandable. This eliminates the handle to the volume.

Initially, the ear inserts in three sizes – from the ears to the spoon, which presses using a Silicon bridge from the inside of the ear, so that the headset without outdoor bar can come out seem somewhat Wilson. In practice, can be the Earset but with one hand figuratively in the ear screw and holds henceforth bombproof.

How good is the operating philosophy, had to show more or less forcibly in the test because the first available Kit with all accessories (storage bag, ear inserts, micro-USB-Ladekanel), but without any manual was shipped. Still the commissioning effort succeeded, as four keys meet: where it says power, switching on and off is in there, plus or minus stand for louder or quieter, the handset symbol indicates the answer and call termination, two LEDs indicate the State of readiness and the charge, that was it.

Maybe the advertising terms assets TriPort acoustic headphone structure, Adaptive audio adjustment technology or stay here ear inserts to impress, convince but had to first practice test. And he did that. Because even in high noise the voices in transmitting such reception direction extreme were understandable. Comments such as “I never heard that you’re sitting in the car” were not uncommon and they became the disgrace of a factory, previously perceived neat speakerphone when compared to the Bose headset as “clearly worse, more echo” rated.

The surprise effect of noise control technology can be increased even if both parties use the headset so refined. Here, the language in both directions remained even understandable, if station noise or loud inner-city scenarios, however, fought on.

And the crux of the matter? Now, with 148 euros, the headset is not a cheap offer and also it’s only available from January 2011. Whether one wants to invest so much money in a headset, must remain an individual decision. Whether you want to wait, too. Worth the wait but that’s objectively safe.