Bookshelf Audio Pro Black Ruby

The 600 euro per pair Audio Pro black Ruby is a pure satellite that must trust below 120 Hz on a subwoofer.

The last loudspeaker of the Swedish manufacturer Audio Pro, which hit the market at AUDIO, was the radio-controlled active box LV2 in a noble leather finish. With the still smaller but passive Black Ruby it is now externally somewhat more everyday, but its housing is made of high-gloss, slightly sharp-edged acrylic. A bass reflex tube is looked for in vain – on the back of the case there is only one eyelet for the wall suspension. Both points to the vote: Practical: the box is automatically tuned so that it does not draw unnecessary current in the bass and therefore neither high pass switches nor powerful amplifiers needed. For this, the two tweeters (a 10-way polyprop midrange and a silk dome with sound guidance) are uncompromisingly bred for dynamism.

Down not without

The AUDIO editors broke off after a few minutes attempting to operate the high-gloss Black Ruby without bass support. An adequate counterweight in the form of bass completely lacked the resolution and dynamic talent of the mini box in the treble. With the right woofer Audio Pro B1 19 (AUDIO 5/10) but the image is changed in a matter of seconds: totally devoid of large levels, to back or adjust the cut-off frequency the two played together and complemented each other in a rare harmonious team. Antrittsschnell, present and spirited the satellite with Miles Davis’ “Tutu” (Warner), as quickly and dry the small bass presented himself. Although convinced the team also in the near field, played there but explicitly something to present and directly. Acoustically bigger and significantly spatial but it sounded in medium-sized rooms on a sideboard or shelf positioned; Thanks to the vote, it is also ideal for wall mounting. The adult, livehafte sound is this enormous – if not cinema or concert level are needed.