Bonnets For The Night

How many nights you stayed late so the child will fall asleep for fear of the dark… until now! The  braces are a solution to these cases as they keep a very dim light on during the course of the night . They are  ideal for children or for an area of ​​passage for older people as in the latter case will act as a beacon.

Lampshades lamp

  1. The mirrors are functional as well as decorative.
  2. They are usually manufactured with their own switch for a more comfortable operation, as it is normally kept unplugged during the day and at night it starts to work.
  3. Currently, these devices have a very low power consumption since they mostly come withLEDtechnology and a few watts, since the light it gives off is very low in intensity.


On the other hand, there is also painting quitamiedos. With it you can make any drawing on the wall so that it lights up at night, as this type of painting is phosphorescent. You can apply it on any surface, it is easy to clean and quick to dry. It could be said that it is a more “amena” way to highlight a luminous area so that the little ones begin to lose the fear of the dark.

Light switch

As a light of passage you can find solutions to batteries even with sensor so that when detected presence is activated automatically. An example would be to cross a hallway to the bathroom at midnight without needing to turn on any main light.

For the latter case, LED sticks could also be useful  as a portable flashlight, according to listofledlights. It consists of a small aluminum bar with three or four integrated LEDs. They usually bring a base for their support and support to also use as a dessert.

They are simple but useful ideas to keep a small light for the little ones and practical solutions for our elders or simply for us. With these ideas you will never fear the dark side! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them in our Forum. We help you to find the best solution.