Body Is No Longer It before Pregnancy

It is not the first time that we talk about women’s body when they become pregnant and when they are already mothers. And will not be the last, because the industry continuing to press all the women, young and not so young, so they keep trying to be those who are not, and so they aspire to be women that don’t even exist, of so retouched photos that show us that are already.

Today we do it by mentioning Constance Hall, a well known woman often mention his role as a mother, that a few days ago it decided to show the world the curious moment where he decided to accept that his body is no longer before pregnancy with maternity tops via

The day that went to buy a dress and felt offended

Says on his Facebook page, the story happened a day that was to buy a new dress. He was apparently looking happily ones which seemed very nice, when the clerk at the store approached him to tell him kindly those dresses were size 6-8 (would be the equivalent of our size 36 and 38), and that another Dresser dresses would you better.

Offended, but maintaining the type (according to her), he said: “as perfect. I have a size 6 “.

And at that moment occurred a strange moment in which the clerk knew he lied, Constance knew that the clerk knew he lied, and “she knew that I knew that she knew that I was lying…”. Come on, who in the midst of a strange silence, He took the size 6 dress and brought it to the counter just to show you how wrong that was to suggest that I needed clothes bigger.

There was the photo then shared that you see above, trying to get into a dress that clearly didn’t fit him, and showed him that It may no longer be the likes of clothing that was years ago, before being a mother.

But he opted to leave with his head held high to tell the clerk that not would it be because “the color not told me anything”.

Then the girl replied: “Oh, but you’re one of those beautiful women I would say that it is well suited to any color…”.

” The idiot was not she, but I”

And it was said this, that she was behaving as if the clerk was an idiot for trying to help her choose dresses in accordance with their size, when was she that had behaved as such, picking up a dress far from their real size.

And that it, the girl in the shop, which was embarrassing for your body, was not but herself to feel offended.

This anecdote he drew a moral that added to the end of your text:

Any size dress is better than other.
It is your body. You only have one.