Body Chain: The Fashion Of Wearing Body Paste

Body Chains are necklaces for the body, it’s like a necklace but instead of just circling just around the neck, they also take part in the back, shoulders, belly, forming a super delicate metal vest. Fashion has appealed to many celebrities and fashionistas around the world. It can be used both in gala parties, at the beach and in the field, as well as in day-to-day life. This trend can be combined over sweaters and dresses, underneath croppeds and shirts and also to complement the bikini or swimsuit.

According to 3rjewelry, this accessory appeared in India and since 2012 have been successful in the world of fashion, however, is still high and has been increasingly used here in Brazil. And it is also increasingly easy to find the various models of the accessory here.

It is possible to compose super stylish and inspiring looks with body collars. There are versions of the Shoulder Chain, Leg Chain, Hand Chain and Ankle Chains, as well as models that highlight the back and those around the waistline ( Belly Chain). One tip is to use the finest in flamboyant clothing and leave the most daring, sparkling and full of chains to compose the look with more basic pieces.

Use only one body chain per production, as it can become very loaded and exaggerated. If your dress or blouse has the square neckline look for the accessory in a geometric version. Check out some productions with the body chain and inspire yourself;)