Blu-Ray Player/Receiver Denon S-5 BD “Cara”

People who like’s to efficiently and easily, should get BD Cara (2000 euros) by Denon the preppy S-5 in the living room. The Blu-ray receiver with the Italian nickname can be far more than just cute.

There is such a thing with the efficiency. On the one hand, she seduces the modern homo sapiens to absurd Time-saving maneuvers, lets him about messages to friends and family on SMS compatible compact 160 characters, drinking coffee only in walking and order fresh vegetables on the Internet. On the other hand it helps enormously, not pointless wasting the precious leisure, for example with the search for suitable surface for large-format equipment and inevitably resulting discussions with roommates. Or desperate to understanding problems via HDMI of wired components.

Efficiency comes in the this case in Matt Black shape of the Denon Blu ray receiver S-5BD, Cara, term of Endearment in the game. Easier home theater may not be actually: just unpack, set up, plug in, turn on, already are Blu-ray disc player with five channel receivers in use. The advantages are obvious: that saves space, cable, trouble with any HDMI problems, lengthy adjustment procedures, remote controls – and looks great.


The lovely CARA is by no means shy and open-minded faces other andocken willing tools. Three HDMI inputs are evidence of good digital manners, one of them is hidden on the front below the page fold dignified. In the same secret hideout is also the USB port, responsible for data from the memory stick and iPod. Using the Apple USB cable reach not only the audio signals directly to the DSP-heart of Cara (and can be there at a compression level among 192 kilobits/s with the “audio Restorer” acoustically same ret tent) – the iPod leaves even the complete control her through his music library, responds to the commands of the Denon remote control good and refuelling its battery by the way comfortable.

Anyway, Cara always tried to make its owner the life as simple as possible. This starts with the well structured user guide and leads via the graphical on-screen display to the simple setup. Very pragmatic contemporaries simply connect your speakers and then start of Audyssey to unevenness remains audible in the room looking for the single automatic of measurement. Up to five boxes with subwoofer is able to control the receiver with its switching power amplifier itself; any desired surround back channels behind the sofa or at the moment hot traded “front height” stage extensions need an external amp.

By the way you must accommodate not necessarily many boxes in the living room as a home theater fan – Cara offers a proven algorithm of two-channel group with Dolby Virtual speaker for the convincing illusion of surround. Especially films benefit from the add effects and exactly centered projected dialogues. Purist, without virtual accessories, it may go to then again during music playback, either with the existing stereo track on the disc (Blu-ray) or even a Downmix of the multi-channel tracks even mixed by Cara (more often in music DVDs to recommend).

Again, Cara, by the way, no resources wasted, just slamming the unneeded surround channels on request in the “dynamic play mode” the stereo power amplifiers. If it sounds better, you can try out with the push of a button on the remote control.


Of course, CARA is thanks to built-in Blu-ray disc drive to Visual stimuli in full HD resolution. Self of DVDs or analog video sources will benefit of the pixel processing 1080 progressive lines. As interested home theater friend you should look at the video setting in the Setup depending on the inserted picture source on the right progressive: large scaled DVD image shows actually just running edge light saw teeth (called jaggies), just change the mode from “automatic” to “Video 1” or “Video 2”. The BD image, however, also the geübteste eye is can make hardly any weaknesses. There is no confusing setting messy anyway, the noise reduction, for example, takes over Cara entirely independently, without disturbing their human roommate.

In the Blu-ray-disc package including a BD-live-enabled connection of Ethernet is to fish more content to the disc from the Internet. Unfortunately, no other skills were entrusted to the network client — to turn into an effective streaming solution Cara, it needs external tools such as the ASW-51W dock.

HD sound in turn releases’s House, prepared by a proven SHARC DSP by analog devices with 32-bit computing power. Those responsible for bass management, time correction and filigree audio delay adjustments, if the replay on TV should lag behind the sound. A propos TV: who calls his own a brand new model with brand new HDMI 1.4 interfaces, can forward simply received through satellite receivers or cable TV sound via the HDMI cable per “Audio back channel” to Cara. There he is prepared on request via “Audyssey Dynamic Volume” and issued over the loudspeakers instead of skinny TV Böxchen.

Even the sound: Cara does exactly what it should – do namely excellent talk. Prophecies of doom about switching power amplifiers despite she was neither cool nor too light, gave although somewhat reserved in the deep bass, provided the proper space and consistent timbre voices as well as instrument bodies but with a warm upper bass and silky tone. So Jane Monheit swingte exactly so convincingly Coquette velvety with John Pizzarelli “they can’t take that away from me” as the Western hero in “3:10 to Yuma” impressive, the bullets were flying. Perfect for the home cinema evening with subsequent end of the music.


No device Tower, no clutter, no hassle: Cara is the most beautiful compromise, which you can take in your home theater. While she does not claim of the audiophile music art, but is the perfect show talent. Thoroughbred entertainer rather than sensitive Diva.