BlackBerry Bold 9780 in Practice

With the BlackBerry bold 9780 the business phone from RIM Gets a major facelift.

The biggest difference from its predecessor BlackBerry bold 9700 is BlackBerry OS 6, which offers new features for both the user interface and the features in the operating system.

On the touch screen device BlackBerry torch 9800 could it prove themselves already, but also with pure keys displays the operating system its strengths.

As the possibility to create easily accessible Favorites or universal search to crawl large amounts of personal data, not to mention the extensive integration of social media features.

By the way RIM for the bold 9700 also wants to offer the new BlackBerry OS 6 as a software update. When the update will be available, is still unknown at the moment.

The hardware, the latest bold with a 512-megabyte extended memory, and boasts of almost half of the user are available. One still is RIM 2 gigabyte memory card.

The camera has increased from 3.2 to 5 megapixels and also boasts finely differentiated contrast in addition to the higher resolution. Externally, RIM makes everything up on the now black housing frame. Pleased particularly with the great QWERTY repair

Moreover, the optical trackpad, which is used to choose of the apps and icons on the display can be found. Dimensions and weight (11 x 6 x 1.4 cm, 122 grams), remained unchanged compared to its predecessor, the BlackBerry bold 9780 is one of the compact smartphone.

Otherwise much the same, remains at least at the hardware. Data connection attempt is successful on the road via HSDPA, HSUPA is not supported. Is a stationary network in range, you can Wi-FI in the b, g – and n-standard use. On Bluetooth, the BlackBerry bold is 9780 perfectly. A GPS receiver is on board.

What particularly postive struck in the practice test: the endurance impressive in practical testing. And of course also the BlackBerry bold 9780 high speeds with Internet offers and especially E-Mail through the compressed data transfer of the BlackBerry push service.

The recommended price of 500 euros is appropriate for the business professional. Overall a successful further development of the BlackBerry bold 9700 and an alternative to the BlackBerry torch 9800, for all those who continue to do without touch screen.