BlackBerry Affordable Phones

The BlackBerry Priv is too ambitious: technically good, fast security updates, but the price is not-right and keep out of success. Now two more affordable Android powered devices will do it.

Good, but too expensive. The BlackBerry Priv is praised in all reviews, but with around 700 euros the customer he is too expensive. CEO John Chen commented in an interview in Abu Dhabi, it was perhaps not such a smart idea to go with a high end device in the Androidmarkt. The customers had told him they wanted to buy while like a BlackBerry device, but at this price: “A lot of enterprise customers have said to US,’ I want to buy your phone but $700 is a little too steep for me.” “I’m more interested in a $400 device’.”

BlackBerry plans two cheaper devices probably one with and one without a hardware keyboard. Chen left open when these devices are to appear. Currently working on an update to Android 6.0 BlackBerry Marshmallow for the Priv, a public beta test will start next week and take four to eight weeks.

The safest Android

With the Priv, BlackBerry had get not only friendly reviews, but also for current security updates made since the appearance. The patches were first appeared every month for the Priv, even before Google released new images for the own nexus devices. Chen is visibly proud of this success: “we’re the only people who really secure Android, taking the security features of BlackBerry that everyone knows US for and make it more reachable for the market.”

BlackBerry Android distribution is very close to what Google builds. As accessories, BlackBerry provides the hub, an app that combines all messaging functions, as well as DTEK, with which you can monitor, which accesses make apps on Android. DTEK also displays how safe the device is configured and gives guidance to increase the security.

Up on the price, BlackBerry seems to make things right. Now, cheaper devices need to here, to get to higher numbers. In the last quarter, BlackBerry had sold 600,000 smartphones. How many of them were privs, does not say BlackBerry.