Black Watches are Making a Comeback

Clearly, colors are something wonderful and are still a topical theme, but currently the black in the watch world is experiencing a fulminant comeback. And this is not just about black bracelets, but really about completely black watches, that is, in addition to the bracelet, the dial is also completely black. Black is always a mystical color, it symbolizes the dark, the hidden, but in the fashion world stands clearly for class and elegance. This is probably the reason for the watch designer and a few wonderful pieces created, which can be found in the current collections.
Partially, it is discreet clock models, which look rather filigree and restrained, but there are also deep black models in XXL, which can show the presence of the color particularly well and can be understood as a statement on the wrist. It always depends on the individual taste and the situation at which the watch is to be worn. The advantage of black is that it can be combined with all other colors and is not restricted in styling.
Let’s take a look at what kind of watches have adopted this trend and what has happened:
Adidas has launched a real bang, the Santiago is a sporty watch that is elegant yet elegant due to the complete black coloring and can be worn equally well for both men and women. Titanium trailers will look forward to Skagen bracelets, this men’s LED watch leaves nothing to be desired in terms of safety. Super-elegant and by the golden loosening on the hanger of the bracelet is this ladies model from Skagen, thus one is definitive synonymous to festive occasions perfectly equipped.
Tom Tailer is a bit more fresh and masculine. Futuristic and flashy with swatch, the red digits on the black background are a special eye-catcher.