Bikini Trends Summer 2016

Who says summer and holiday under the sun of course said swimwear. Certainly one of the most controversial parts of our wardrobes. History, informed choices and trends 2016.

A bit of history in a few dates

1907: The swimmer Australian Annette Kellermann made a splash by wearing the first Jersey tight sleeveless and above the knee. It will defend the rights of women, in particular for the right to wear a swimsuit one-piece.

1915: Women now routinely wear swimsuit one-piece.

1930: Great American swimwear manufacturers bath all come from the woollenindustry. Jantzen, woollen manufacturer, attempted to produce a swimsuit skinny body, but it lost any shape when wet. After many unsuccessful attempts, lastex is invented. Elastic and resistant, it moulds the body while keeping her outfit once wet. The Jersey now follows the fashion trends.

1947: We owe the invention of the bikini to the fashion designer Jacques Heim and Swiss engineer Louis Réard. It was presented for the first time at a Paris fashion show. Bikini factscandal due to its small size and because it reveals the navel. It took until 1960 and thesexual liberation that he actually enters customs.

What Jersey for what silhouette?

So many women, each year, fear the step ‘purchase or fitting of the shirt’, it is often because we do not know the models that highlight us…

First, the small breasts must move towards headbands or a high push-up that will accentuate their cleavage. The more generous breasts, on the other hand, must opt for tops with straps and Underwire, bins and deep necklines. You have a beautiful cleavage? Feel free to highlight through good support!

Then, the choice of down will depend on your buttocks, thighs, belly and hips. For those who have curves at the level of the stomach or hips, forget the low waist panties or shorty and opt for of pretty panties high waist or a beautiful swimsuit coin, big trend of the summer. In order to extend the legs, wearing a very indented panty is a great solution. As for the Jersey one piece, it is very suitable for generous buttocks while the minor can afford all models focusing on low-rise pants.

The colors can also flatter or instead disadvantage you… A black swimsuit snowpacks still the silhouette , but Navy Blue remains as a good alternative. If you want to draw attention to a part of your body, choose bright colors or prints.

A valuable Tip: always draw the look on your asset or the part of your body accepted the better playing on colors and patterns.

2016 trends

Just like l’ summer last, certain trends come back. The swimsuit one-piece is no longer reserved for swimmers… On the front of the stage, classic, low-cut to thin straps or seductive pest neckline, it seduces more women. As two parts, the neoprene material of choice for surfers and surfer girls bikini, vibrant color, it is still in vogue and will mainly appeal to the ladies. This season, many brands create sports models, with summer prints with a Hawaiian surfer. Fringed swimwear, crochet or lace, retro and vintage are also spotted (see below the Eventail. be selection).

High waist retro pants Dolce & Gabbana, Jersey one piece Essentials watercolor of eras, Jersey backless Essentials Cassis of eras, hook and neoprene Triangl bikini, bikini jeans headband stretch Lisa Marie Fernandez, top of triangle with fringe Kiwi bikini and bikini hook She Made Me. © Rights reserved

You have now all the keys in hand to adopt the perfect package… Happy holidays!