Bicycle Lighting is Revolutionizing

The bicycle lighting of the future to be revolutionised with the Revolights. Kent Frankovich, Adam Pettler and Jim Houk jointly developed the idea to the Revolights that aims to make the cycling in the future more secure.

Many gadgets designed to make more visible the bikes in the dark . Also in the field of lighting, various things have been developed that should allow a better view of the cyclists in the dark.The Revolights should outweigh all these efforts. You should both the visibility of cyclists as well which significantly improve vision in the dark. You can see this new lighting type as revolutionary. No tail lights or bike headlights are used for the front of the bike. Only have led the gains.

LED Strips Provide For More Security

Revolights are narrow LED stripsare mounted around the rim of the bicycle. The position of the LEDs is recognised with an control unit which they respectively reside. Only the front or rear-facing part of the LEDs on the rim is then supplied with energy and brought to the light.

These are finished in white LED strips intended for the rear wheel in Red and the LED strips for the front wheel. The advantage of this type of lighting is, inter alia, that the LEDs of the front wheel the light directly to the front and down seem to leave. Similarly, the Red LEDs of the rear wheel seem directly after back and down. A similar idea, that of shining bikes followed the NASA.

Kickstarter As A Jump-Start For The Project

Via Kickstarter, the developer of the Revolights have compiled the necessary cash to put the idea into action. 43.500,-US dollars was needed for the realization of the project, but a sum of 136.658,-US dollars (stand 20.09.2011) has reached. This shows that much potential is attributed to the idea. More information can be found on the website of the developer.