Beyerdynamic T50 P

Even volume limited iPods can play up loosely with the efficiency of strong Beyerdynamic T50, P (250 euros), which showed the listener in the practice test. Who also like to loudly turns on, is determined with the very level fixed T50 P having his fun.

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The T50p (T like Tesla, p how portable) is striking, yes almost been uncompromisingly different. Not only on the outside, with its frame made of Matt stainless steel and the aluminum cap n. Vile plastic is reflected only in the black handset shells.

The semi-open ear Beyerdynamic requires a little care in setting up, because the relatively small handset with the soft art leather upholstery want to be positioned properly for the best sound and very good insulation effect. The handset but not too stuck to relatively, on the head. Minimal downside of good insulation: the relatively concise perceived cable noise during music breaks.

Sonically, demands the T50 p highest attention, requires concentration on the music on details and rhythm – nothing for friends of the soft sound of rinsing. The unions in the interior construction of ring-shaped magnetic and specially alloyed, conductive stainless steel requires not much power to make enormous level fixed and dynamic swing the membrane.

32 Ohm impedance with a measured efficiency of 105dB at 1 mW, the post going off in the truest sense with the iPod. While the Beyerdynamic rises really deep in the basement of the frequency, without any great effect show in the upper bass. In the midrange, he is almost already mercilessly direct, brilliant dissolved in the heights. This Quick-living handset works as acoustic caffeine.

Beyerdynamic T 50 p

Manufacturer Beyerdynamic
Price €250.00
Rating 80.0 points
Test procedure 1.0




Technical data and test results

Construction Closed
Function principle dynamic
Weight 171,0
Accessories Travel bag, cable management, airplane adapter, 6, 3 mm jack adapter
Connection plug Jack plug 3.5 mm
Measured values
Impedance 35.3 ohm
Efficiency 106.5 dB
Incredibly agile, dynamic and unusual directly.
Cable noise.
Review sound 80
Facilities Very good
Operation Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment 80
tested in 8 / 10