Best Water Bottles for Travelling

The sustainable use and the viewers eye, high-quality drinking bottle.

Plastic bottles rather than the wonderful hörppimisen, we recommend that you invest in a sustainable and secure water bottle by Sigg-praise is the best on the market. The size of this bottle is 0.6 L.

In addition, many people believe that the best of this charming appearance of Sigg-bottles is their security. Many of the tests is, in fact, discovered that several Chinese aluminium “imitation of the bottles” may many of the polycarbonate (plastic recycling number 7), like the bottles leak Bpa drink mix. Sigg-bottles is a naarmuuntumattomaksi heat treated to a special coating that makes it safe as an alternative to the even acid for fruit drinks, energy drinks and aerated. About Sigg juodessani I know juovani there laittamaani fluid–I’m drinking from a bottle, possibly leaking chemicals!

In addition, Sigg bottles have been taken into account in the manufacturing process that is both ecologically sound very far and for the appropriate design and a bottle of full members of the family termospullon sizes as varttuneemmallekin elämäntaapertajalle!

Sveitsiläisvalmisteiset Sigg bottles have a reputation not only for durability and style, thanks to the hygieniansa: the inner coating on the Bottles to prevent microbial growth.

SIGG: in peruspullot is produced from 1908 onwards. SIGG:n water bottles are manufactured under strict quality control of all in Switzerland. Each bottle is manufactured from one of the aluminum component, so that the finished product does not come on at all the seams that could leak. Aluminum is the material is extremely durable and lightweight. SIGG: n patented and thanks to the flexible EcoCare ® sisäpinnoitteen you can put in the water, but also acidic drinks SIGG pulloosi, hiilihapollisia milk and drinks without the aluminum irtoaisi any drink. This unique inside surface does not absorb odors or flavors, and collect the bottle is easy to keep clean. This drink is always fresh and free of chemicals.


SIGG:in used by the coating, called EcoCare ® liner, is co-polyester-derivative, which is entirely in BPA, ftalaatti, BADGE, NOGE and BFDGE free. The same type of material is TRITAN ® co-polyester, where for example SIGG:in VIVA-Plastic bottles are made of. In the case of the material used in this SIGG: in is a bit modified so that it can be, though, the addition of a thin pulverina and in the bottle to stick in the oven. This ensures that the coating on the bends, as well as kolhujen and will remain as a protective and elastisena the whole bottle as soon as possible.

The coating does not collect itself any of the flavors and odors, which in turn plastic bottles is a big problem. EcoCare ® coating is also resistant to citrus and dairy products, as well as hiilihapolliset products.

SIGG:in used by the Eco-Care ®-coating and the bottle is approved for all the necessary food industry watchdog villa authorities around the world and adhere strictly to the EU directives as well as the US Fda and LFGB– German food.

Ecology And Diversity

SIGG water bottles are very long, thanks to the ecological cycle. SIGG bottle using over and over again is an easy thing to do, which is to reduce the amount of plastic packaging in the world. An Australian University fell to one of the SIGG bottle replacement more than 2000 plastic bottles of its life cycle. In addition, you know your drink to be free of chemicals in plastics. Finally, life cycle, SIGG is 100% recyclable.