Best Tie Brands in The World

After the story of the tie and the 5 essential ties to possess, we continue our series of articles dedicated to this essential and inseparable accessory of male daily. Ties, most ready-to-wear brands in offers in its catalog with more or less success. To try to limit the amount of risk it is best with the experience of building a brand based on which we can rely in terms of quality and style. To simplify the task, we offer you our selection of the 10 ties brands to know. Here we tried to alternate brands recognized name and other more confidential while incorporating a range of affordable price.

Bruce Field is basically a French brand of shirts, sweaters, suits, coats and accessories. It offers elegant wardrobe, classic, the ratio quality / price ratio interesting with many pieces crafted in France, Portugal or Italy.Their ties are no exception and are in the same line. The major advantage of this range: a wide variety of knitted silk models available in many colors and patterns, the proposed at single price of 29 €!

Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt is an English brand founded in 1986 by Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler. Basically, his ambition was to offer the best shirt. As at the time, Charles Tyrwhitt has expanded its range to become a reference in terms of ready-to-wear formal affordable. The tie beam is well stocked with hundreds of various models in silk, cotton, linen or wool. There one finds all the classics, the club tie united available in all colors with the passage some more original prints. Note that for the purchase of two ties of the catalog (see, the brand applies a sliding offer: 30 € to 50 € both.


Founded in 2011 by Alexander Chapellier, Cinnabar claims to be a specialist in the neck at all dressing and offers accessories for men and women. Sometimes in a classic and elegant style, sometimes more fanciful the brand’s products are manufactured in France, mostly by hand. Moreover, the brand is associated with artisans of French luxury, including weavers, to provide a high quality standard. The products find themselves in a price range between € 115 and € 135. Whatever the style in which one chooses, the Cinnabar ties always include a key unique to the brand that denotes where this accessory is too often taken seriously.


In 1977, Michael Drake founded his eponymous label. In some 40 years of existence, it has become a quintessential representative of the British style, an heiress of Savile Row! Drake’s London in particular has built its reputation on producing neckties handmade in workshops. Using a high-end silk and weaving its own, the brand is not stingy with reasons despite the presence of all the classics. One has only to touch one of their products to realize it, but the prices are felt with an average of 160 €. Drake’s is an ultimate tie!


Sellier to debut in 1837, Thierry Hermès could not doubt the impact that its business in the future. Passed from father to son until 2006, Hermes made his reputation by becoming gradually a general porter luxury early in the 20th century. It was not until 1937 that the brand will release his first notable item silk: the famous “Carré Hermès” so prized by the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. Since then, Hermes has continued to develop its silk work to become one of the best among other cravatiers world. Their range, vast and rich in colorful patterns contain only hand made models under the best offered almost single bristle price: 160 €.

The House of Ties

The House of Ties is an online store that is part of the entity Nines and offering a selection of ties handmade in France (Gaillard) and Italy (Como). The preparation is thus carried out in workshops renowned for their expertise. Their product range is quite wide with a choice covering virtually all forms of variants (pointed toe, square), widths, materials (silk, wool, cotton, knitwear) and units for prices averaging around of 40 €.

House F

Founded in 2011, the brand Maison F is positioned as a high-end French company specialized in the accessories around the neck. François-Régis Laporte, the artistic director, revisits ties, bow ties, neckerchiefs, wallets and scarves. Making it especially the high quality of products Home F is its relationships with the best weavers and finishers French. In its catalog, the brand offers premium rates (130 €) a wide variety of products both in form on the grounds. In fact, it offers more conventional ties that can be customized at will on the thickness and material, a model very original beveled end.

The Hill-Side

Choosing a name referring to the Connecticut town where they grew up, and Emil Sandu Corsillo founded in 2009 The Hill-Side. From Brooklyn to New York, they confectionnent hand every man a range of accessories.Historically, they have made their reputation with their ties and a particular concept. Indeed, they did not initially considered as a formal but casual accessory. Inspired by the work clothes and the universe “workwear” in general, so they do not use silk but materials like denim, chambray, cotton or flax. Originally, their ties were presented only in a form with square toe. The Hill-Side style is very casual and an average price (€ 75) to remove dust and rejuvenate a sometimes too austere accessory.

The tie bar

Launched in 2004 in the United States, The Tie Bar (translated into French “The bottom Ties”) has built its success by specializing in a single product. The ingredients are all expected by the consumer of the 2010s: a hugely varied selection and ultra-low prices! The tie is priced at $ 19 or 16 € and can be eaten without hunger.A little research, we never find a negative opinion despite some $ 25 that must perform for delivery in France.

T.M. Lewin

TMLewin is an English shirt brand. It was created in 1898 by Thomas Mayes Lewin along with the opening of its clothing workshop. More than a century later, the brand is the reference in terms of a formal offer cloakroom affordable, as well as his bad boy Charles Tyrwhitt. Its recipe: a wide choice of models of all kinds with a large presence of conventional and low price (37 € or 45 € depending on the model).