Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines


David speaks. We continue to meet the demand for products in our Pescacosmar online fishing store.

Today we bring you our best offers on fluorocarbon threads. Follow the links for more information!

Fluorocarbon fishing thread Gorilla UC4

For years the Gorilla UC4  fishing line of  the Tubertini brand has been one of the most famous threads used by fishermen in all types of fishing.

It is used for making mother lines, winding reels or for tying hooks. It stands out for its high performance on clear days and with moderate diameters.

It’s an off-shore fishing line. It is recommended to use with the sea in bad condition where the breaks and strong currents make fishing difficult. These lines eliminate curls and are not deformed.

It is a fishing line of light and smooth that facilitates to make big sets without effort. It is a monofilament (polyamide copolymer) with a high resistance to knot and abrasion. In addition, it has little memory and an almost total invisibility under water.

It is important to note that  Tubertini’s Gorilla UC4 yarns may be slightly oversized, meaning that the actual size may be slightly higher than the one indicated by the manufacturer. Coils of 150 m and 350 m.

Seaguar Neox

Yuki Seecoar Seoxar Neox is presented as the best fluorocarbon thread ever created and top of the range brand Seaguar (creator and leader in fluorocarbon sales).

It is a fishing line that is used as leader (at the end of the line) that guarantees the full satisfaction of the most demanding competition fishermen of all modalities.

Seaguar Neox is the latest in fluorocarbon technology applied by Seaguar. It stands out for its greater invisibility, its resistance and its softness. It has zero memory which allows large sets in the Surfcasting mode. Within the world offluorocarbon threads  is considered as the least memory and stretching has of all.

Awa-Shima Ion Power Eclipsia

The Awa-Shima Ion Power Eclipsia line  is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater. Strong resistance and without memory allowing long throws. Ideal to glue the beads of our bass by its strong grip to the fishing line.

One of its main qualities is the ease of use, since it is not lied or entangled almost never in the gametes. It is a 100% flourocarbono ideal for use in clear waters.

Ion Power Fluor-X Awa Shima

Ion Power Fluor-X fishing lines are made of fluorine NT 90 (monofilament and fluorocarbon blend). This nylon is intended for the tying of hooks.

It stands out for its low memory and excellent presentation of the live baits due to its low visibility and smoothness.

These yarns have a high resistance to knotting and abrasion which makes them an excellent or

Ion Power Iso Professional Awa-Shima

The Ion Power Iso Professional nylon comes in 250-meter reels and is suitable for tying the hooks of our basses. Very used by the best fishermen in the modalities of surf-casting and boat.

More features of the Ion Power Iso Professional line:

 They have excellent touch

 Low elasticity

 High resistance to abrasion and knots.

Made of fluorine (fluorocarbon and monofilament blend)

It is one of the best selling threads in the market due to its excellent value for money.

Tubertini Carbon Ghost

The Tubertini Carbon Ghost thread is made of 100% fluorocarbon

Produced with polyvinylidene fluoride (fluorocarbon) which makes it invisible thanks to the low index of refraction very close to that of water. It has superior resistance to abrasion, great malleability, which facilitates knotting, and a great resistance to wet knot.

The difference of the catches with the same normal nylon diameter is most evident. It has a surface anti-UV treatment for better conservation in saline environment. Declaring the composition of the material used in the manufacture guarantees the authenticity of the Tubertino Carbon Ghost product.