Best Drones for Kids

The drone of leisure market is booming. Indeed in 2016 a multitude of models exist. But what are the best drones? How to choose according to their budget? Here is the selection of the best 5 drones in 2016:

For children: the nano drone Cheerson CX-10

According to behealthybytomorrow, the cx-10 cheerson is simply the smallest drone in the world! Good news, its price also is mini which allows it to be the least expensive drone of the market. Ideal for children from 8 years old with his simplified remote control, it is however important to note that the unit is shipped without shell for protection at the level of the propellers, which can make it dangerous for the child and will reduce necessarily life in case of crashes to rehearsals. So, be sure to also purchase a kit of replacement with a set of new propellers and a protective shell.

The best value: drone Windeleimer x 4 fpv

The drone Windeleimer x 4 fpv and h107d variants offer a very interesting alternative compared to the models of the french manufacturer video calling and photo. With an hd camera to both film and help the Steering, it is the best value on the market to start in the world of camera drones.

The best drone: Parrot bebop 2

Evolution of the Parrot ar drone, bebop and the bebop 2 are the best quadcopters in 2016. With a full hd camera, it is capturing images with breathtaking which have nothing to envy to professional renderings.
Controllable by smartphone application (door 300 m) or via a remote control solely (Gate 3 km away), the Parrot bebop has also a gps to find him landing out of the pilot as well as a ‘back to home’ function which allows him to go alone back to the user.

The best to start flying drone: Parrot mini drone airborne cargo and airborne night

Derived from the mini drones Parrots released in 2015, these two new versions of quadricopter represents the best option to discover the cockpit to her child: robust and cheap, this drone is controlled via the smartphone Parrot freeflight application 3 has gyroscopic stabilizers and can fly on 6 axes. Made in France, it is the best product on the market to learn flying.

The future: Parrot disco

Available in 2016, the Parrot Disco is a new kind of drone. Forget the classic quadcopters, that this takes a form of conventional aircraft, which he allows for incredible performance: more than 45 minutes of battery life (against 13 to 15 minutes today for the best market quadcopters) and especially a top speed exceeding 80 km/h. The Parrot Disco will integrate a camera full hd as on current versions of bebop, which will allow shooting still ever made in the world of the drone, in the manner of flying jumps follows.