Best Budget Clothing Brands

The next company which in our opinion offers a very affordable product for the money is the measure sewing service Luxire. With a production in India has managed to keep down production costs and can offer a range of custom made pants under 1 000-tag.

Luxire offers a range of garments such as shirts, coats and jackets but it is the company’s pants that we intend to focus on today as it is the only thing we have experienced in the. onlineskrädderi Measureing is relatively normal and to measure either an existing trousers or their own body and fill in the information on their website.

We would like to begin by saying that all forms of measure sewing which stands for taking measurements can give quite different results. It often takes 2-3 pants before you get into a fit man is really happy with when you as a customer can not the product and how it should be måttas in an optimal way. If you feel unsure about yourself and want to ensure as good a fit as possible choose to benefit from a manufacturer that is in store with skilled personnel in the field. It is, however, entirely different rates in most cases so we want to promote this as an alternative for those who are willing to try.

Perhaps the most interesting, apart from the prices is that you can choose between a lot of interesting details and the choice of the pants. You can do closer to 5 different kinds of plisséringar, lots of various POPs, details as uppknäppning of sorts, etc. that even exclusive clothing manufacturers do not always offer. For example, order different length on knäsiden or if you want to avoid it completely.

Our advice is that if you want to test the service to do so with any of the slightly cheaper fabric qualities such as cotton or linen first. Although you can fix the result of a tailor’s it better to wait until the second or third such trousers if before you order, for example, in flannel from Fox or Dugdale who is slightly higher in price.

Although the chance that it will be perfect on the first try is relatively small so the price is also relatively low in terms of what you get for your money, it’s very impressive. As always when it comes to entry level providers with affordable products, it is worth mentioning that you don’t get gold when paying for silver. In its price range is Luxire interesting but approaching it to 3 000 SEK, we would rather recommend a more exclusive manufacturers or t if entry-level to customized.

Olof ordered a pair of pants from the company during the last year and also I have been satisfied with an order of white linen pants, although there were a few minor changes we could make to the next pair.

We also recommend a visit to the company’s image gallery where you can see suggestions for other models produced. Far from everything is nice but it can give an indication of what you can do.

Dimensions can be specified in both centimeters as inches which makes precision. Also in the comment section below, please specify if you have any other preferences.

  • Easy-fit cotton pants for $99.
  • Flannel from the venerable British Dugdale is around $199 which if one has left its dimensions is a very affordable price.
  • Off-white linen pants by heavier character for $125.
  • Hand-sewn detail on coin pocket.

Button in the face shots means that you can easily clean them from dirt that would otherwise accumulate.

Off-white linen pants from Luxire during this summer’s Pitti Uomo fair.(Photo: Tommy Ton)