Benefits of LED Light

Achieve energy savings thanks to LED lamps

Benefits of LED Light

LED bulbs offer many advantages. They are more economical, ecological, also having a long life. To choose LED bulb, we must consider three important criteria:

-The luminous efficiency. That is to say, the amount of light spread by W consumed. The luminous efficiency of LEDs is variable depending on the bulbs used. You should know that the luminous efficiency of LED bulbs is higher than that of incandescent bulbs or CFLs.

-The scattering angle. One can choose the LED bulb of scattering angle based rendering to be obtained. For example, an acute angle of 30 ° can carry far, but the illuminated surface will be.

-The Colour. This is the ability of the lamp to return the color to the human eye.

According to studies of a Dutch office, LED lights are the most environmentally friendly and broadcast less electromagnetic fields than CFLs. LED bulbs are recyclable, wear these bulbs for disposal.

The various advantages of LED bulbs

-LED bulbs consume little energy compared to other lamps, the first having superior performance. LED lamps can achieve energy savings of up to 90% compared to incandescent lamps.

-The LED bulbs emit little heat. These lamps do not emit infrared radiation.

-The LED lights have a long life. Their life is 3 to 4 times larger than a compact fluorescent lamp and 15 to 30 times greater than the life of an incandescent lamp.

-LED lamps provide very good accuracy and good control beam of light.

-LED bulbs do not diffuse ultraviolet rays, compared to other types of lamps that emit ultraviolet radiation by damaging the colors and materials.

-LED bulbs still have the advantage of being XDR impact. These lamps bear an impact, as compared with conventional lamps which are not resistant to shocks.

-LED bulbs are evolving. Currently there are two levels ranges, LED lights balisantes (Deco) and the illuminating LED bulbs.

-The LED lighting is very hard from the ignition, the luminous efficiency of LED bulbs is very high.