Belt Blouse

The traditional belt was invented to suit pants in your body, popularly speaking serves to tie up or hold your pants on your waist.

But as the chicks are always looking for new accessories, seeking a new way of being bold and become more beautiful, these belts have spent not only to tie the pants, but also to blouses.

Placed in the abdomen the blouse belt is worn with blouses equitable or wide, long or short sleeve shirts, t-shirts and even dresses. Are usually thinner belts that we see, but those big can also be used depending on the outfit you will be using.

An example is you put a tight blouse and a larger belt, so he draws attention, but also enhances the blouse.

The Blouse belt can be of different colours and materials, for you to enjoy and make several different combinations. Just a word of advice, careful with the buckles. These when very large end up calling a lot of attention or even ruining your clothing model according to anyBlouses.

Another tip is that you should also have good sense and know when to use belt with the clothes, I say this in issue of your appearance. A chubby woman may even think that the belt hide your love handles, but what happens is the opposite, when tightening the abdomen you will expose even more your fat and can even look more chubby.

But now we talk about some of this new wave of accessory, what do you think of hanging around in fashion and do an experiment to see if approves this new sensation.