BeeWi BBK200 in Practice

Smartphones, tablets, and game consoles are usually not just pattern candidates what’s comfortable entering text. To improve this situation, there are additional keyboards, which dock on the respective devices via Bluetooth. In the best case, they bring good tip comfort, a familiar layout and also with a high degree of mobility. Because it will finally go to cut with Smartphone or tablet in the keys. The BBK200 in BeeWi is present for the purpose.

She is a real keyboard dwarf: 114 x 60 x 8 mm with a weight of 43 grams. Absolutely hosen – and Pocket-compatible! If you have a smart phone with a sliding out keyboard, will have to get hardly new on the small BeeWi. Dimensions and feel are similar. All buttons feature a “crunchy” pressure point. The SPACEBAR can be every now and again to crisp, pressing it in the middle. Because it has two key contacts in the left, one in the right half. Getting used to thing.

The wrong arrangement of the CTRL and ALT keys is also getting – they are simply upside placed. Despite its small size, you can find a shift on both sides of the keyboard. An outline of the buttons but there is not – on the space bar, all the buttons are equal. The BeeWi BBK200 not there are currently still in a German layout. Who can type blind and once took the positions of double occupancy for the umlauts and special characters, can handle. After the Adlersuchprinzip, but not far to get the BeeWi and is quickly frustrated.

Basically, you hold the keyboard with both hands and typing with your thumbs. Lie down and ten-finger tap will not work. Overall, you can not excessively fast type with the keyboard, because you can use just the thumb and must use also slightly more force than at normal keyboards. Also, much only about the function key and secondary assignments runs because the keyboard has only 49 keys. For the small BeeWi brings also functions to control the volume or for the media player on PC and Mac.

The keyboard is pretty good. You not creaks when typing. Cracking the keys can be troublesome in the long term. The keyboard has a robust and forgive the fall of one or the other. The power slider reacts somewhat sluggish.

As with all wireless keyboards that is tested by connect the BeeWi BBK200 relies on Bluetooth (HID profile 2.0) for the contact to other devices. The range is 10 meters. The battery will last for 60 hours hard work according to the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can get the keyboard 400 hours in stand by mode, without having the juice goes out you. The battery is not exchanged.

The BeeWi BBK200 gets on well with all test devices. The connection to the PC, a MAC, for the PlayStation 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad arrive without any problems. According to the manufacturer, the small BeeWi also with Windows Mobile devices can withstand down to version 6.5, Symbian S60 and is suitable also for the iPad. With Android Smartphones or tablets the keyboard cannot be reconciled so far. The pairing button is very easy to reach and can be still not accidentally pressed.

BeeWi attaches a micro-USB cable to charge the keyboard to the computer to the Pack. Also a mini-CD with installation instructions can be found in the box. Printed does not exist – doesn’t matter, because the installation is largely self-explanatory.


The BeeWi BK200 is nothing for prolific writer, but due to their size and robustness ideal for on the go. Also for brief chats on the couch she is good – if you do not necessarily have to watch on the buttons – and takes up little space on the coffee table away. The price of 39.90 euro fine just yet.