Baume Mercier Luxury Watch

Affordable Luxury: Links: The Clifton. Right: The Hampton of Balm & Mercier.

The name Balm & Mercier calls on a very specific watch model. The two-colored riviera with a striking twelfth corner was a selling camp of the 1980s. The model is no longer manufactured today and the name Balm & Mercier stands for much more than just a famous watch.


Watchtutorials would like to introduce the history of this watch brand.  In 1830 the brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Balm opened their own watch shop “Brothers Balm” in the small village of Les Wood in the Swiss Jura. The family had already settled in Les Wood as early as 1542 and had been working for the production of timepieces for generations. Thanks to a clever move by Célestin, the business enjoyed an excellent reputation not only within Switzerland but also internationally. He opened in 1847 a second branch under the name “Balm Brothers” in London. Soon the name for chronographs with large complications as well as for extremely precise clocks should be known. A variety of precision records were made by the Balm brothers over the course of time.

Balm and Mercier: A pioneering alliance

William, Louis-Victor’s grandson and head of the third-generation company, entered a pioneering alliance with the art lover and businessman Paul Chercherichenko, known under the name Mercier. Chercherichenko was the son of a tsarist officer and an embroiderer and emigrated to Switzerland at the beginning of the 20th century. Not least because of his commercial skills, the company, now based in Geneva and under the name “Balm & Mercier”, was able to expand further. Only six years later, the manufactory received the Geneva quality seal for particularly sophisticated craftsmanship and high quality.

Balm & Mercier: “Affordable Luxury”

Today the Balm & Mercier brand stands for “affordable luxury”. The company stands for the technique, equipment and other parts used to enhance and install, instead of making every single component of a watch itself. “Building” is called this procedure, which considerably reduces the costs of the production of a Swiss quality watch. This means that sufficient quantities can be produced at a reasonable cost. This is in line with the aim of the Balm & Mercier tradition house to bring newcomers to the luxury watch segment.

The Clifton and the Hamptons of Balm and Mercier

The company philoso- phy of Balm & Mercier is particularly evident in the Clifton collection. Inspired by a historical model from the 1950s, the shaping language of the urban Clifton watches with the leather bracelet looks unpretentious and classic. The Hamptons collection is again the undisputed bestseller of Balm & Mercier. The first Hamptons was launched in 1994 to reflect the elegant, simple but luxurious lifestyle of the Hamptons on Long Island.