Bathroom without Window? LED Panel Provides Natural Brightness

It’s great weather, outside the Sun is shining. Only in your bathroom, it is dark and cold. What’s missing: a window.Often even the best decoration fizzles out without. Light and friendliness are simply missing the bath. Can do not much except move? By about. Here we show you how it works even easier.

A bathroom is missing who, lacking which not only a way effectively to ventilate. He must cope with considerably poorer light conditions, what is noticeable especially when “Touches” such as make-up or shaving. Not to mention the ambience, which is different from one without a bright, welcoming bathroom with window. So what to do? The next best solution after the window is the LED panel.

Ultra-thin illuminated surfaces that are mounted on the wall or on the ceiling are LED panel.Several individual light-emitting diodes, arranging provides homogenous illumination are used as a light source. This light from LED panels comes close to the natural light, comparatively. It is just as subtle and unobtrusive. Like all LED’s are also LED panel in different shades of white light, warm to Daylight White and various forms:



BB´S Emit Sunlight For Dark Bathrooms-LED Panel

Square LED panel already visually reminiscent of small bathroom window. Why, it is so not there attach where a window is missing. No matter whether on the wall or on the ceiling – LED panel are so flat that they fit really everywhere. And of course their round counterparts.On the ceiling above the sink mirror, their light is reflected also, which gives an airy painting bathrooms and work the room, as if he had ceiling window. This LED Panel completely glare-free, the full spectrum of natural daylight come close but incredibly, what is also due to the high color rendering index. You can tile like several LED Panel as desired. Just as you like it.

You don’t need to worry even in continuous operation over a possible overheating, because LED panel stay thanks to the frame always pretty cool. Retaining clips (of the product) you are in the previously cut holes Panel during installation just pinched and connected to the transformer, that when LEDLager is included in the scope of delivery.