Basics of a Wardrobe

Are there of the essential to have in our wardrobe? What is the minimum on the side of our wardrobe? Try to make a list.

When you have in hands his own money and as we begin to build his style, we’re heading more often to specific, slightly eccentric pieces.

Many are entering the crush or trends of seasons for example. As a result, what is already happened to find yourself a bit confused in front of your closet with clothes all mismatched? Or having to do someday on a specific occasion and not having the right look in your wardrobe for this type of event? If Yes, normal (if not, normal also eh, but today we’ll just try to help those who are struggling with the basics).

Sometimes it’s just stupid to some because they have started feeding their wardrobe with basics but it can also be one revelation for others at some point to say that Yes, there are also clothes all simple and mundane to make a good mix between its style, trend, different situations and the seasons passing.

Very well, so in this case there what would your timeless to you? Which would be a little to “framing” of your wardrobe. I propose a small list, inspired in part from the book ‘ Style Yourself’, a book not bad at all that dissects the different styles can be found currently on the global fashion blogosphere, giving some advice.


  • a winter coat
  • a mid-season coat (type trench coat)
  • a cardigan or vest
  • a jacket type tailor (for the job)
  • a blazer type jacket (more relaxation)
  • a white shirt
  • a tank top
  • a short sleeve t-shirt
  • a long-sleeved t-shirt
  • an original top (type Halter, sleeves puffed, kimono)
  • a sweater


  • a straight pants (for work or more formal occasions)
  • original pants (chinos, cargo… type)
  • a classic jean (right, for every day)
  • boyfriend jeans (jeans loose and casual ‘)
  • (more glamorous) skinny jeans
  • dressed shorts
  • a denim shorts
  • a skirt for work
  • a skirt for everyday
  • an evening skirt


  • a classic dress (for the job or interviews)
  • a dress casual day
  • an evening dress
  • a dress for large events


  • a pair of Ballet flats
  • a pair of boots or ankle boots
  • a pair of sneakers
  • a pair of high heels
  • a pair of summer sandals

And you, do you have all these pieces in your wardrobe? Or whatever the basic as long as your clothes fit you? At that time there what would be your own list of basic?