Backpacks and Luggage by GoVinci

There are many types of custom bags and backpacks, but if we go changing the decoration, and also make the child to feel as an artist, you can opt for the drawings of children with rucksäcke und customizable.

These school bags and suitcases with wheels incorporate a transparent framework so that we can get the picture that our children choose. GoVinci backpacks with frame they are indicated for children from age two and are sold in three colors: green, blue and pink.

The drawings are easily changed and the rucksack has straps safety reflectors. The cover goes where the drawing is a solid surface that also serves to draw on her own.

Trolley GoVinci It is the perfect trip for children travellers accessory and creative, light and comfortable, with space enough to accommodate everything you need for the trip. And, as is the case with backpacks, you have that transparent framework to show off the small artist paints.

The trolley, with wide wheels for easy handling, measures 39 cm tall by 27 centimetres wide and 15 centimeters in the background. It is recommended from three years and is produced in the same colours as the backpack.

Backpacks and luggage GoVinci personalized with your children drawings Benbat and are in stores of childcare from 25 euros the backpack and 49 euros the trolley on Gametate. Surely that will cost the kids choose which drawing to display it all… but there is no problem, because you can change it whenever you want.