Back to School Fashion Trends

Fashion school, it is the only thing that give you some balm to the heart in the late summer. Here are some ideas of looks to get the pill in September.

It’s not winter yet!

We re-there in this species of any niquee mid-season. It does not really beautiful, really hot no more but we can’t say that it’s cold. Summer is well and truly over (there are areas where he has never started) but the time has not yet come out the sweaters. And in the street, there is necessarily improbable situations between a girl who comes back from the Cap d’Agde molded into her curly mesh shorts and another bundled up in a duffle-coat, frightened by the gray sky. So where is the happy medium for back?

It is best to not completely abandon its summer clothes. Except that it will avoid to wear all his range at the same time that screams “alert, I SIP my mojito with a straw between the toes!”, i.e. tongs + shorts + top with thin straps + straw hat. All this, it’s over.

But you can mix with timeless pieces for example. We re-put on his jeans (I know it’s hard if Josie was used to take the key of the fields for two months). Back of light shirts, even sleeved short what you see. If you are afraid of being cold, go out with a jacket or a fine morning cardigan and remove as soon as you came in progress / office/others to avoid the blows of hot then.

Embed fresh fashion DNA in her wardrobe

Out his clothes in the closet is good but the novelty of the season still helps you put in the front of the postcard that sent you your retired in-laws, still on vacation in Corsica. So what’s new?

Back to school fashion 2011-#1 Preppy Look

Chino pants having recipe in 2011, you can already use it as value for September and build yourself a preppy autour look. In a cameo of fall colours, relieved by stripes or a pea print. We choose flats for those who can’t stand cooking stew of the boots as soon as September. For one side more hunting and tradition (fromthe legacy mode trend), a coat jacket will do the job, and small details in leather (belt, hair jewelry, bag etc.) will to turn you into a perfect heiress.

Back to school fashion 2011-Look #2 Rock

For something a little more rock, the leather skirt coating, or at least here in half-tone, enters in scene. With a look of black and white season and own rockabilly trend red button, it is ideal. The shirt was to temper the leather skirt and print (which can be star) brings the pop element to hold, as the thin belt in red vinyl.

Back to school fashion 2011-Look #3 Seventies

A must-have in the future season, midi skirt. Inspired by the looks of the seventies, it matches it with a tie neck blouse or a blouse with sleeves a little Bohemian bells (printed cashmere, for example), that it takes good care to get into her skirt. If you’re afraid to take the leap to high boots with this kind of skirt, a seventies very emotive style, opted for moccasins for a look more preppy or a pair of shoes in a retro and glamorous spirit. The hat of course complements the style 70s-a wide-brimmed hat or a fedora (more masculine) also operate one than the other.

And you, how do you plan to dress in September 2011? Did you already find things among new trends or in stores?