Back to School Backpacks

That’s it, back to school is underway. School buses through the streets of the city to bring our little ones to school and bring them back safely.In the routine, the backpack is part of school effects who will be carrying around in a big way. It is therefore essential to see that it is strong and durable. Of course, when we talk about sustainability, we can think of the Canadian brand Herschel bags but I still offer some interesting alternatives that will appeal to your little schoolboy.

Day backpack 16.5 in. Kettle of Burton – Brown – Blue

Burton manufactures several types of conventional backpacks and practices. Handbagpicks finds that the colors of this bag fits all and can suit both boys and girls. Its front compartment can store small accessories such as his pencils box but also the cell phone, gloves and the keys to the House. Arriving after the course, they will be easily accessible instead of losing everything at the bottom of the bag. I would also draw attention to the padded internal compartment that protects the laptop or tablet, separated from the binders and other school effects that might damage them.

Snake Mountain of 23 L Burton – black backpack

Designed for those carrying a wide range of various objects, this backpack has buckets removable to organize everything properly. There is even a remote section under the main compartment which can serve as a cooler to keep his dinner and snacks at the expense separately books and binders. His pocket for accessories is located inside the bag give a uniform to the bag, more discreet than the previous.

23 l Snake Mountain of Burton – Havana Camouflage school backpack

If you prefer the urban style, the theme of Burton camouflage Snake Mountain model might interest you. It has the same features as black but is from the lot by its colors so that you will easily recognize it among friends at school.

18 in City Scout of JanSport – Havana backpack

JanSport backpacks have a classic cut. They can also accompany your child during school years, simpler thing that I appreciate. His compartment to isolate a tablet or a computer are present but this City Scout of JanSport bag is fitted with a hidden back pocket to place his personal effects. Those who bring money for lunch or the key of the House will benefit to peace of mind.

16.7 in. backpack SuperBreak of JanSport – Red

I find this bag has a more sporty than those that I have introduced preceding, especially because of its red color well accentuated. If so, it may well serve to bring his outfit for physical education classes. Otherwise, it will be a good day for lighter items bag because he only has one main compartment and a pocket in the front for small accessories.

JanSport backpacks are available in several shades. So, it’s easy to find one that will make your child happy!

Before buying a bag backpack, I invite you to re-read my article published this summer where I explain that he be taken account by shopping a backpack depending on the size of her child. It also contains other suggestions of interesting products.