Baby Stroller, Big People Safety

Baby strollers may seem very harmless, but there are several accidents that can happen with their misuse. Learn about Tricae’s security tips.

Parents need to be very careful when choosing baby carriages for their little one, it may not seem like it, but there are many details that should be analyzed before buying it. In addition, there are a range of options and several models, which makes it very difficult for parents to decide. But, first of all, one must pay attention to the safety that the cart will offer, after all, not all brands are reliable and this is an extremely important point for a healthy development.

These have several characteristics that need to be carefully analyzed and checked so that the safety of the children is constant. It is amazing how a simple object, which serves to make our life easier, can bring so many discomforts and incidents to the baby, if not used correctly. Ultimately, parents only need to pay attention to all safety specifications, the right model for each age, and whether the brand complies with INMETRO standards. To help you, we’ll give you several tips to make it easier to choose.

Care when buying the baby stroller.

The parents themselves can already check whether the stroller will be safe for the little one or not, for example, the safety belts should have five points: two on the shoulder, two on the hip and one between the legs. It is also important that parents look at whether the product contains any cutting parts, hinges or spaces that could harm children. And the brake system should be easy to lock and unlock without much effort.

It is imperative that you check the stability of the cart to prevent it from tipping, the distance between the wheels should be large, thus preventing the cart from overturning. If there is a basket, it should be low, just above the rear wheels. Also check the practicality of the cart, see if it fits in the trunk of the car, in the eleavador of your building, if this is practical to take on some trip, because, willing or not, all this will make the life of the mother more practical.

Check the size of the cart, see if it fits in the trunk of the car, or in the elevator of your building, because, willingly or not, all this will make the life of moms more practical. Also, see if your baby will be comfortable in the stroller, so check the spaces and the cushioning. And most important of all, all baby strollers must contain the INMETRO certification seal,

In addition to these points, there are other care that should be remembered not only at the time of purchase but also during its use, according to babyinger. Weekly cart cleaning is very important for good baby’s health, so they do not get sucked up dust or even in contact with some dirt. Also remember to always check the good condition of this object, missing or broken parts can cause completely preventable accidents.

At the time of walking with your baby.

There are several models of baby strollers, and each one refers to an age, so parents should have a basic knowledge about it, or else ask questions for those they already know. In addition, moms should also be very careful when they are walking around with their little one, after all, many incidents can happen. For example, filling the cart with various things, such as toys and plush toys, is out of the question, especially for newborns, as they can suffocate. Take some care to cross, when going up or down a ramp, when you go through places that are few accessible, all this so that the cart does not bump to the side.

As stated before, each cart model is right for an age. Baby carriages “cribs” are more recommended for newborns, because they have a padded structure and a space to accommodate it. The “umbrella” is one of the most practical models, as they are easy to close, therefore, easier to store in some corner of the house. The “travel system” model is the stroller with baby comfort, car base and other items that give more comfort to the family. These are the main models, but you can find others, so Mom will have several options.

If you have other smaller children, do not let them play with the youngest child’s stroller to avoid risk. Now just put the little one in your new cart and leave to enjoy this phase so delicious. Go out to see the sunset on a Sunday in the park, or simply to go to grandma’s house with the cuddly. These days turn a child’s childhood into a much better and incredibly magical world. Just keep an eye on all the guidelines and specifications of the baby carriages you will not have to worry about. Accidents happen, but when we keep our eyes on it, it’s much easier to avoid.Children need you very much, but we know you need them even more to be happy.