Baby Room Furniture: How to Choose the Indispensable Items

Furniture for baby’s room should be chosen thinking on functionality, safety and comfort.

You are in search of furniture for nursery? Then know that some items are indispensable to this room in the House. In this list, it is worth highlighting the birthplace, the Chair of breastfeeding, the dresser and the children’s wardrobe.

The nursery should offer comfort, security and tranquility to the newborn. To make this possible, parents need to worry about buying quality furniture and suitable for children’s environment.

How to choose furniture for nursery?

The choice of furniture for nursery need to put in the first place, the lifestyle of the family. In General, the furniture should consider activities such as exchange of diapers, bathing, breastfeeding and peaceful nights of sleep. I have also worth thinking about optimize space for the child to crawl and play.

Who buys the full room for baby usually has a crib, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe for children. To make more complete furniture, it is recommended to invest in a breastfeeding Chair, because it allows you to breastfeed the child comfortably.

Before you go around buying furniture, first-time mom should plan the layout. It is necessary to choose items that fit into the room and do not undermine the movement according to healthvv.

The base colors of the furniture should always be neutral and with soft colours to create a peaceful atmosphere and does not affect the quality of sleep. Leave to include vibrant colors through the baby’s trousseau.

Main nursery furniture

Check out some tips for choosing furniture for nursery, considering the indispensable items for this room:


To choose the cradle of the baby, the parents must meet the models available on the market. The American cradle stands out as the most popular and differs from traditional mobile primarily because of the size. Another popular model is the crib with dresser or exchanger.

The cradle is the protagonist of mobile nursery. Besides being beautiful and proportional to the size of the environment, it must offer a safe accommodation for the child, with rounded corners, not so spaced side rails and AR System. Before buying the furniture, make sure it has the certification from Inmetro.

2 – chest

If the cradle is not a dresser, the ideal is to buy a children’s dresser. This mobile serves for storing clothes, shoes and hygiene items used in daily life.

The children’s Bureau is typically composed of large drawers and a door. The best selling models are betting the finish with white color, as it combines with the gentle and innocent context of baby’s room. The upper part of the cabinet can be used as a changing table or to store toiletries.

There is no exact rule to choose the dresser of the nursery. The only recommendation is to evaluate the size of the space and get a proportion.

3-Infant Costume

The nursery is great? So it may be the case to decorate it with a child’s wardrobe. This full function mobile Dresser and offers more space to store clothes and accessories.

The style and color of children’s wardrobe should match the other furniture, namely, the crib and dresser.

4-Chair of breastfeeding

The Chair of breastfeeding is mobile where you settle in to breast-feed the son, so it should have a comfortable structure. The coating your requires a fabric easy to clean and able to guarantee a cozy accommodation.

Remember not to leave to buy furniture for nursery at the last minute. The ideal is that the environment is already all furnished in the seventh month of pregnancy. Advance purchase of transferable items is also important because the shops take, on average, 30 days to make a delivery.

And there? Got any questions on how to furnish the nursery? Leave a comment.