Baby Room for Girl

The arrival of a baby is a very special moment, preparing the trousseau and the little room to receive the new member of the family is the part that the moms most like, the stores are full of miminhos and the most difficult is even to choose between so much variety.

Baby Room for Girl

The decor of the baby’s bedroom should be chosen in advance to have everything ready at the time of birth.

Decorating a baby girl room is a real perdition.

The decoration of a baby room besides beautiful must be thought so that the room is nice and safe to receive the baby, with all the necessary elements and functional to have everything at hand.

Tips for Decorating Baby Room for Girl

The first step is to choose the colors to paint the baby’s room, the girls are always associated with pink but can use other tones also very feminine.

The choice should fall into soft tones like white, lilac, green, yellow and gray.

The choice of furniture should be made according to space and needs, however, in a baby’s room should not lack a crib, a chest of drawers with an exchanger and an armchair for the mom to breastfeed.

You should also take into account the lighting you need a lamp to use whenever you see your baby at night, choose a lamp with sober light so as not to disturb the baby’s sleep.

To complete the decor of the room you can opt for a theme and include that theme in the decoration of curtains, rugs, bed textiles, cushions.

Among the most used themes to decorate the baby girl room we have the dolls, the balls, the princesses, the stripes, ballet, flowers, stars and bears.

Ideas and Photos to Decorate a Girl’s Room

The most important thing is to add a great deal of love.