Awesome LED Flashlight Provides 90,000 Lumens

LED technology can provide surprising results, and shows it a user of YouTube, which has published a guide to build a singular flashlight based on combined 10 LEDs bulbs of 100 Watts, offering an impressive result.

LED Flashlight

In fact the combination of these bulbs makes lighting provided in total be 90,000 lumens, something really incredible if we take into account that a good LED flashlight as they which manufactures provides 700 lumens.

This hand-built device is based on the use of a heat sink of large size -flashlight is not too “portable” – where the bulbs are mounted both with their lenses – to provide illumination at a range of angles of 60 degrees, as well as the sooporte for the controllers of each bulb and the connection to the batteries.

These two batteries, amp-hours – similar to what would provide the batteries of 9 iPhone 6s – 8 can feed these so who swallow bulbs for about 10 minutes. The absence of active Fan – Heatsink only is used as passive cooling system – makes the flashlight quite hot after just a couple of minutes. The result, in any case, is worth, do not think?