AV Receiver Onkyo TX NR 3007

Terrific, as sovereign loose and yet rhythmically on the point brought the Onkyo TX NR 3007 (1800 euros) the bass runs by Benny Rietvelds “100 SQ. FT.” transferred.

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After the opening of the TX No. 3007 testers about security called again at Onkyo: “That there is but not, that this 25-kilo AV receiver is only 1800 euros!”

Three crisp transformers span in addition to the standby-Benjamin the mesh lining summa Summarum, resulting in ore stable in terms of prepress and video board supply. Then not the usual wait seven and nine most neat separately built amplifiers on multi-channel exploits, including now also controlled by front top – or by front-wide additional boxes couples. For both Dolby Pro Logic IIz and Audyssey DSX are available as algorithms.

In the HiFi purist needs but not too upset, because he Hall features of whatsoever, which fitted in with three DSP sound processor 3007 also THX Ultra2-plus-tricks include to “Direct”- or “pure-audio” button can turn off.

From front left to individually adjustable subwoofer 2, for all channels of the Onkyo uses 1796 fine stereo D/A converter of the type PCM. Finally, video friend nods reverently when he sees the noble Reon VX by Genesis/Faroudja processor on the video board. It allows to tüftelige calibrations for all input signals – scaling and de-interlacing not to mention – that he could challenge full-blown ISF Certified Engineers (Imaging Science Foundation).

The dull FM tones of the Onkyo on the brighter Internet offer from Last.fm and vTuner can squint, he proved CDs a good Ombudsman. Powerful, perspective, but never harsh or rough, we entrusted to like us the mild and pleasant sounds. Also the wide as cleanly delimited areas, offering the 3007 at the old formats DTS and Dolby Digital. HD music the mouths remained standing then open. Terrific, as sovereign loose and yet rhythmically on the point brought the Onkyo the bass runs by Benny Rietvelds “100 SQ. FT.” transferred. The voice of the Golden Dane appeared Annekei to very young, lively and lovely. So got the Onkyo – due to its high art, Denons AVR 4310 had up to date the nose front – HD titles on and thus become sale may be even more interesting.

Onkyo TX NR 3007

Manufacturer Onkyo
Price €1800.00
Rating 53.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions 43.5 x 19.9 x 46.4 cm
Weight 25.0 kg
Surround formats
Headphone surround No
HDCD playback No
Virtual surround Virtual surround
Decoder for HD formats Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master
Colors Black / Silver
Genus (REC / GM / input.) Receiver
Remote control Learning remote control
On-screen menu On-screen menu
Lip sync Lip sync
Lip sync description
Equalizer manual Equalizer
Power amplifiers, number 9
Bands 0
Channels 0
Video standards converter Composite video < > SV < > 3 K > HDMI
Video adjustment
Description video adjustment
Switched network jacks 0
Autom. Calibration with Equalization
AV connectors
Digital inputs RCA / front 3 / 0
Optical digital inputs / front 2 / 1
Digital inputs HDMI / HDMI FrontVersionsnummer 6 / 1 / 1.3
Digital output HDMI 2
Digital RCA outputs 0
Optical digital outputs 0
USB ports front / rear 0 / 0
i-pod connection
Networking description
Multi channel input 7.1
Recording outputs audio 1
Headphone Jack Headphone Jack
Preamp output 9.2
Laboratory data
True sine wave power stereo 8 Ohms 159.0 W
True sine wave power stereo 4 Ohms 247,0 W
Music power stereo 8 Ohms 177.0 W
Music performance stereo 4 Ohms 273,0 W
RMS power 5-channel 8 Ohms 110.0 W
RMS power 5-Channel 4 ohm 167,0 W
Music performance 5-Channel 4 ohm 188.0 W
Music performance 5-channel 8 Ohms 140.0 W
RMS power 5-Channel 4 ohm 167,0 W
Music performance 7-Channel 4 ohm 148,0 W
Music performance 7-channel 8 Ohms 122.0 W
HiFi output power 4 ohm 0 W
effective pulse power front 4 ohm 0 W
effective pulse power 4 ohm Center 0 W
effective pulse power 4 ohm surround
maximum output voltage Z1
maximum output voltage Z2
maximum output voltage Z3
Number of appropriate channels
Surround RMS power 8 ohm stp 105 W
Surround RMS power 4 ohm stp 133 W
Surround RMS power 8 ohm stp 122 W
Surround RMS power 4 ohm stp 148 W
Noise line 105.0 dB
Multi channel input noise
Noise phono MM 75.0 dB
Noise phono standard system
Noise phono MC
Digital noise 104.0 dB
Front noise ProLogic
Noise ProLogic Center
Power consumption standby / operating 0.3 / 141 W
Network connection
Short conclusion In the test of the heaviest and richest stocked including the expensive image Reon-VX processor AV-receiver. The loose pleasant tone also makes him a crowd favorite of par exzellenze.
Sound Top-class
Sound points stereo
(maximum 70 points)
Surround sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Sound points HD
(maximum 70 points
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (70 points) Top-class 53
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 1 / 10