AV Receiver Denon AVR 4310

At HD-Blu-rays shone the Denon AVR 4310 (2000 euros) with fragrant violin Gewoge, sparkling piano stops and of course votes.

Through this interface, Denons allows new multicultural between over 7000 stations of the vTuner offer to choose. Who accredited himself at Napster, can get also to the six million tracks of this musical platform. Not a topic that the AVR 4310 can play music in WAV or FLAC lossless format. And a USB input for mass storage class may not (the Denon has a front and rear) missing, he adopts the music of younger iPods not only analog, but gently the sound in digital form via these sockets and corresponding cable. In addition, not only the possibility of control via transmitter and its graphic screen menu offers the 4310, if necessary, he sends a symbol-interface on an iPod touch, when who should assume command.

The AVR 4310 adjusted digital signals of any kind of jitter artefacts. Is the in-house Blu-ray player DBP connected 4010 UD (2000 euro, test in the near future), it returns 4th and second Ethernet contact Synchronizing pulses to the player via Denon link, so that the Tatterich can not even come up.

On the Videoboard processor ABBOT dominated at the AVR 3310 (11/09) next to noble 12-bit A/D and D/A converters 2010, of how not only analog, but also HDMI-comers had de-interlacen and scale can. And while former image sequence transformations recognizes, to ensure optimal reconstruction.

That Denon filed his receiver not only to some, but on every corner, showed at the very ordinary phono-MM and tuner notes. And even when very cultured CD playback, which avoids extremes and served extremely catchy chords, consistent colors in the MIDs and säuberlichst fine resolution.

Denon did not forget also the traditional surround formats. With Dolby and DTS DVDs, the AVR 4310 gripping, played exciting and probable space. At HD-Blu-ray it brushed the shackles off permanently. Aromantic violin Gewoge, sparkling piano attacks with urnatürlichen votes, he beamed: voila, my Königsdiszplin!