ASUS Presents Swift PG27UQ

We continue in our round of new releases in one week which is more than prolific in this respect due above all to the celebration of the CES 2017 Las Vegas, which as you can guess, is gaining much of the technological focus these days.

ASUS Presents Swift PG27UQ

And if yesterday the brand protagonist was Acer, today is is from Asus which us teaches a new product for its catalogue, in this case a new monitor of range high, the ASUS Swift PG27UQ, which boasts specifications at a price that Yes, hope without even knowing him as high.

The new Asus monitor draws attention to its design and although initially the front is not notable, if it is striking the support arm and sill plate. Bright, very bright, so much so that, like or not… but do not let you indifferent.

Entering technical characteristics the new monitor makes use of a with a 27-inch IPS panel 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Offers support for Quantum Dot technology, being supported by a 144 Hz refresh rate and coverage of professional color DCI-P3 that allows you to get up to 25% more than the sRGB.

As a curiosity It offers a dynamic LED backlight system, that it can be adjusted up to 384 areas which will allow to obtain colors greater resiliency and dynamism in various applications that give you.

According to Financedns, the swift ASUS PG27UQ emphasizes its brightness, which reaches up to the 1,000 cd/m². Also has already anticipated technology Nvidia G-Sync for the synchronization of the frames between the graph and the screen and adds support for images in HDR that is growing in popularity.

Finally it time to talk about connectivity and in this sense has two inputs for DisplayPort 1.4. to and one takes HDMI 2.0, not too many, as you can see, and this is something that draws attention to these performance monitor.

We do not know neither price nor the date that hit the market but we will be attentive to the information that may arise in this respect.