Are The First Images of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for Xperia S

Some time ago that you doubt the commitment of manufacturers with the updates of your devices, and it is perhaps the greatest workhorse that can be found in Android, because new versions of the operating system does not always reach the users of the platform. Sony wants to be committed, and although it often take a long time to update, the truth is that they work so.

Proof of this are the images that have been leaked on xda-developers, where have “photographed” the Xperia S, first high range of the Japanese firm in mobile telephony, with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean installed.

Unfortunately, we are still in the BETA stage of development, and ROM can not tip over to get a file that allows you to install it, but demonstrated that Sony will bring Jelly Bean to their devices of 2012, including the largest of the NXT Xperia.

The interface is the same as we saw in the presentation of the Xperia Z, with little customization and focusing on aesthetics and functionality, which will allow to update more quickly in the future. The kernel of the filtered version is 3.4, which has already been running on other devices.

Obviously, we have all the new features of the latest updates from Sony, including the “small apps” and the STAMINA mode battery saving that much has publicized with the Xperia Z.

This is only the first step, so there are still many weeks to get the update to users. We will be always attentive to tell you all the news concerning.