Apple Wants to Withdraw from Holland The Range Samsung Galaxy

Apple goes ahead in its particular legal crusade with Samsung in Europe. Last week we saw how the Cupertino company managed to temporarily withdraw from the market the Samsung Galaxy Tab. An action that did not have much luck since, in addition to suggest is that the evidence submitted were eventually manipulated the Dusseldorf Court stepped back and halt the withdrawal of products.

However this is not the end and now Apple returns to the fray asked a Dutch court to remove from the market the range of products Samsung Galaxy, i.e.: Ace, S, and SII smartphones and tablets of seven-inch, 10.1 and 10.1 Vodafone.

Apple alleges that the Korean company infringed patents EP2059868, EP2098948 and EP1964022 in addition the models in question violate different original Apple designs registered in Europe. It seems that the Cupertino company has been taken seriously their legitimate right to take Samsung’s market.

The patents in question refer to the following. The first refers to the management of photographs, edit them and send them by email. The latter refer to the multi point recognition touch screens and the last refers to unlock a terminal making a gesture on an image. As you can see, three practically elementary actions on any mobile touch device.

At the moment the Court in question has taken no decision in this regard and We have to wait until mid-September so take any measure or finally dismiss the demand for Apple. Possibly this demand is a response to a demand that Samsung put Tuesday in the Netherlands to Apple for infringing another series of patents. We will see how to pass the facts of all these legal battles between manufacturers.

UPDATE: The demand for Apple, although it has been in the Netherlands, goes beyond the territory of the country and the Cupertino company wants to stop the sale of any Samsung device throughout the European territory. Thanks to Renato for the warning.