Apple TV

The success spoiled group of cult from Cupertino has also a problem child: Apple TV had only moderate success. We tell you what brings the new version.

Honey, I got the Apple TV shrunk!” This throwback to the popular comedy may be scored Steve Jobs through the head as he held the all-new Apple TV for the first time in the hands. Because who sees the black box from California, rubs the eyes first surprise: only 2.3 x 9.9 x 9.9 cm measures the new Apple TV – the HDMI subsequent to and power cord are, however, almost already solid. The predecessor was a lot larger, was also a reason for this: he brought a drive.

It is missing the new Apple TV, which therefore is a pure streaming client, so to pull content from the network, and can play. And so it does not take much to terminals also: a socket for the power cable, a HDMI port for connecting to the flat-screen TV, an optical digital output and a network jack – it’s done. A Wi-FI-N-client for wireless network connection is internally mounted. So far so good.

However, it is outrageous that Apple with sets no HDMI cable in the box. Not that the acquisition of such arm would make a, but plug looks different. Is to be hoped that the Apple team next time saves not even the power cord, since the customer could have got an old of the shaver in the closet. After all, with in the package: a stylish and ultra slim remote control. Apple typically easy installation All cables are there and the box with the TV set and the socket is connected, it’s set up. Thanks to the Setup Wizard the Setup for most contemporaries should be no problem. Under settings you will find the configuration for the Wi-FI. There it is necessary to enter the Wi-FI key to connect to the Internet; Alternatively, you can marry the box via Ethernet cable to the router.

Also you must have an iTunes account yet (free at and enter the access data, otherwise you can borrow any movies from Apple’s own online video library. This is easy, the Apple TV comes out with just four main menu items – exemplary. Under the item “Film”, one finds either by a search or genre overview films and TV series to borrow. Each film will be shown with cover. Click on the remote control, there is more information, a free trailer, as well as customer reviews for each strip. Something over 1000 movies are currently available – because partly clearly more offer other online video stores, however, Apple TV can come up with many movies in HD; but not in full HD, because the hardware supports only 720 p. Prices move between three and four euros, who would like to watch HD movies, pay one euro. For this, you can use the Strip 48 hours – and so multiple viewing, or interrupt.

After clicking on the lend button goes after a few seconds. How long is the start, of course depends on the speed of your Internet connection. Apple has prevented most definitely and the box one 8 GB memory to buffer misses. Even if the Internet connection should be even slower, the film jerky so not right. With the remote control you can fast-forward and rewind and pause switch. The volume control is via the Apple TV remote, however, is not possible.

In addition to movies you can look at but also YouTube Videoss or Flickr images. Also integrated: iTunes known podcasts and Web radio station. You can also play your own library, as long as the computer on the same network as the Apple TV is the content. And that makes sense, because so you can enjoy unkompliziertauf his holiday pictures and even shot videos on TV. Too bad, although, unsurprisingly, is however, that you have to stay within the Apple family again: who be a NAS drive own calls, can play its contents do not have Apple TV – the computer including iTunes must always run if you want to beam local content on the TV.

After all, it should soon be possible to send content directly from iPhone or iPad via Apple TV on the TV airplay. Possible today using the free “remote”app: to control the Apple TV including the playback of local content of the computer via iPhone or iPad.

Miser in terms of power consumption

The low power consumption is highly commendable: where the predecessor in the standby verballerte 15 Watt, the current Apple TV with sensational 0.8 Watt limit himself – it requires no power switch. From standby mode, the device is ready to go in less than seven seconds. Also the power consumption when streaming an HD movie is more than modest: good 2 watt the box pulls just here out of the socket – this pays off, that Apple has used on the low-power A4 processor installed in iPhone 4 and iPad and also taken the low-power architecture of mobile devices.

Another side-effect: while the predecessor almost as mobile cooker could go through, the little black dress is just lukewarm. With so much in common with the mobile colleagues one wonders why it is not possible to use apps on the Apple TV. Just a weather app would, for example, definitely make sense. Only Apple knows the secret, but to exclude the replenishment of apps isn’t sure.


The new Apple TV is not only the successor of the predecessor. The small box clearly shows where the video-on-demand market is moving not only for Apple’s opinion: direction of streaming. Of course, the fans of the old box will miss the possibility of storage on the hard drive, but the future belongs to the streaming: fast Internet access create the technical requirement, customers enjoy low purchase prices of the streaming client and this kind of content management is also the distributors significantly better.

With Apple TV, Apple proves that technology and the market are ripe for this kind of entertainment. The device is an excellent streaming client to bring the Apple world – and only them – on the TV. No less, but not much more. Nevertheless: For 119 euros, the mature Apple TV has earned clearly the predicate “Access!”.