Apple Gets the Stock Beaten up Again

Although Apple has just introduced two new products to the iPhone family, they stand for even a stock downturn.

Tuesday presented two new products for their Apple iPhone family. The new range-topping iPhone 5S and the slightly cheaper iPhone 5 c.

But the presentation of the new products does not seem to turn the stock price for Apple, which already on Wednesday could see the share price fall by about 2.5 percent in the futures market, writes our site.

In General, it’s gone downhill for Apple’s stock, since the absolute best time in September 2011, when the stock reached premium 700. Since the stock fell below 400, but subsequently recovered to around 500, where the exchange rate is at the present time.

The reason for the rate plummeted to be found in the investor’ belief about the Apple with the new products can take further market share, especially from the low-cost segment.

Credit Suisse does not believe Apple will be able to take significant market share in our site. China, although Appeal launched an “cheaper” iPhone 5 c. Credit Suisse therefore changed according to our site their recommendation of the stock to “neutral”.