Another Report In July The Launch of the new Nexus 7

I am the one above or not, the idea of a new Nexus 7 by next July has come forward for some time now, and today’s report is not surprising. Moreover, the source is the infamous DigiTimes, which for an accurate prediction I make as many errors. We therefore an ounce of skepticism, understanding that there are other legitimate hypotheses about the presentation of the successor to the Nexus 7.

According to reports from DigiTimes then, Elan Microelectronics, a taiwanese manufacturer of integrated circuits, has already started to ship the next generation of controller for the touchscreen Nexus 7: the tablet should indeed be produced in June, and released the next month with Android 4.3. No news on technical specifications that so far about 600 Snapdragon and full HD screen, but who are obviously all be confirmed.

In the midst of it all we remember another “rumor”, what she wanted the Nexus 4 white brought on 10 June with Android 4.3: honestly, between the two tend to believe that will be the new Nexus 7 to have the honor to bring to first the next version of Android, but since we’re talking purely hypothetical both hardware and software , we just have to wait and see how things go.