Android Surpasses 500,000 Applications in Google Play and The 15 Billion Downloads

At the beginning of last December, as usual, Google surprised with the growth of Android figures. No less than 10 billion downloads, which launched the 10 billion promo. Shortly thereafter, Andy Rubin announced the figure of 450,000 applications in Market Play Store.

Well, it has become to occur, and it is that have been surpassed 500,000 applications in Google Play Store, at the same time is exceeded the 15 billion downloads barrier.

This gives us a big figure who, in the past five months, applications to an average of one billion a month rate, will have been downloading which means more than 30 million downloads every day.

As the growth of applications in the Google Play, and having passed the half a million, cut away front of Apple, with its 600,000 applications. This is due to the sustained rapid growth in Android, which you can see in the graph above – the curve that lets Android is below the line between start and end, and not in iOS -.