Ampoule LED Connectée Playbulb

We hear more and more connected world (control devices remotely via a tablet or a smartphone): the House, the car and even department stores that installs the Li-Fi to find the products on the shelves with its smartphone. For the home, for our daily lives, before start you a major expense to connect your home, there are affordable products that will allow you to familiarize yourself with this new way to control objects.

The Universe Connected to Playstation: PLAYBULB

We have already spoken in this blog products today, here’s the Playbulb range which offers blisters with or without speaker but also Solar Garden lights and LED candles for indoors or outdoors via

The great advantage of this range is to operate with a single application PLAYBULB X. When it is installed on your smartphone or tablet, it allows you to control all the products in your possession. You can create groups of objects to change color, switch them off or turn them on, launch an animation with a single press of the finger on your device.

Application Playbulb X offers 5 light effects to choose according to the desired atmosphere:
-Change of colors
-Effect candle
-Gradual color change
You can set the color desired among 16 million hues.
Setting the light intensity. and a timer to program lighting.
Fun, the mode function ‘Shake’ to change color instantly by shaking your smartphone.

LED Bulbs Connected

3 models of LED lamps connected . A light bulb color and a white light with speaker and the Rainbow devoted to l’ lighting and decoration without speaker. Side speaker, the sound quality is acceptable if one considers these bulbs for what they are, namely, bulbs!

Light Decoration Connected

The connected universe extends to the bright decoration with these two products in the range Playbulb: LED Candle candle and the Solar Garden light outside. Eligible course to the application, you can control candles and solar lights with bulbs or independently.

The candles have the particularity to ignite and extinguish by blowing on it. Alternatively, you can return them to make a traditional candle holder to accommodate a real candle.

Solar lights are provided with stakes to plant in the ground.

Playbulb, a beautiful range of first quality products to make your House a connected universe.