Amplifiers Mono McIntosh MC 2301 AC

The power amplifiers McIntosh MC 2301 AC moving largely on par with the issue 9/09 tested transistor Monos Audionet Max. The power plant attacked the Americans with greater transparency

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The tube Monos supply 350 Watt sine wave per channel – a performance that is usually only in the circles of the transistor and digital amplifiers into eight ohms according to data sheet. To unleash this elemental force protected by a capital protection circuit against the flaming Inferno, Americans in each amp driving eight output tubes the type KT88 push-pull configuration as well as two 12AT7 as a voltage amplifier. Alternatively take eight 6550 the strenuous task of output signal amplification.

This exclusive and effective work community arises under a mesh cage, which attaches differently than usual in tubes circles – not the stigma of the provisional – the eye of the beholder. Officially is also the hearty, blue illuminated performance indicator, which leads the impetuous zeal of usage in mind even myopic McIntosh owners. What comes back out, not least depends on which of the three taps some ultra sound speaker terminals of users. Because each MC 2301 McIntosh typical provides plugs for 2, 4 and 8 Ohms. Is interested in the output stage not for ratings, but influenced by the complex, frequency-dependent load of the connected speaker, try about studying goes. It is allowed what sounds best.

At the 4-ohm terminals, the AUDIO measurement Laboratory determined hard-line 353 Watts at simulated 4-Ohms final while the power output into 8 Ohms on “only” 271 Watts remained limited. On the 8-ohm output transformer windings, produced the MC 2301, 350 Watts for 8 Ohms and gave for 4 ohm with 154 Watt satisfied.

The MC 2301 either via RCA or balanced XLR connections, what makes the most sense when the concept of the McIntosh combination you can control. Anyone wishing to make Tri-Amping with three of these cars for each speaker, must Access anyway to the balanced power amplifier output, allows you pass the signal from the preamp.

Charm offensive

After many hours of relaxed listening with new insights into older recordings like “Born in the United States,” or Bruce Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” editors far later than was originally turned to planned again the actual order of the sober quality analysis. To the classification in the categories of the leaderboard MC-2301-duo had to prove individually power amplifiers in comparison with foreign components.

The power amplifiers moved largely on par with the issue 9/09 tested transistor Monos Audionet Max. The power plant attacked the Americans with greater transparency, which manifested itself above all in complex and noisy passages, and drew to the contours of the instruments with relatively Prussian discipline. While offering a more stable focus. The power Macs with enthusiasm with more dynamic, which made himself positively influence such as applause and a bulkier, more colorful soundstage.

Team player

Now the question arises as always in the absolute high end – and that undoubtedly belong the McIntosh – the team ability of single players. Or vice versa: how much are you dependent on cues from the own stable? The Mac power amplifier is easily compatible with third-party devices, but benefits in terms of enthusiasm and attack more from the own brand construction than vice versa. Approached about the symmetrical way, she up fluctuates in the top League of the power supplier. Despite all this, the MC 2301, must prove a little flair in combination with the speakers connected, however far less of something difficult with these powerhouses as with 90 percent of the other tube amps on the market.

McIntosh MC 2301 AC

Manufacturer McIntosh
Price €25900.00
Rating 130.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions: per B: 45.1 x H: T: 31.3 x 58.4 cm
Weight: 52.6 kg each.
Mono operation
Amplifiers music signal automatic
Level control
Level switch
Level meter
Power amplifiers inputs unbalanced
Power amplifiers inputs balanced
Number of speaker connections 1
Measured values
True sine wave power stereo 8 ohm / 4 ohm 271,0 W / 353.0 W
Music power 8 ohm / 4 ohm 279,0 W / 366,0 W
Damping factor 100 Hz / 10 kHz 0 / 0
Signal to noise ratio 110.0 dB(A)
Standby consumption 0.4 W
Superbly powerful, stable Mono tube with rich sound colors.
Is assigned for optimum sound quality on the (expensive) MCIntosh preamp.
Sound RCA 125
Sound XLR 130
Overall sound 130
Processing outstanding
Operation Very good
Facilities well
Sound judgment well over 130
tested in issue: 6 / 10