Amplifier Densen B 175

The most expensive Densens full amplifiers, the B 175 (6500 euro) shows off with Finger thickener front nor with performance. His nobility is revealed only at second glance – and hopefully also on listen!

At the beginning of the testers had sent almost back the new best amplifier B 175. 6500 euro 16 kilo electronics appeared to them excessive. And even worse: the Dane has not even the mandatory class balanced inputs!

With the eager relay rattle, which is pressing the volume match prediction, the Dane throws but then increased curiosity. Especially since he depending on the printing time in 200 single – or faster in 5 steps up or down can fix.

Densen offers lifetime warranty on the B175

So let’s from cooling profiles and from two sheets of aluminium angle (lower and back as well as front and lid) formed housing are warm and just listen: the first tracks, a sublime tranquility exuded B 175 first of all. No to MOCH in the bass, no difficult in the Middle, no unnecessary Flotation. Since nothing but music flowed, being limited only to itself, beautifully clear and clean. So it was said: the best remains there.

ERGO, a closer look at the technology was worth it: Behold, in the service of the level control are no less than eight relay controlled by a microprocessor, which in turn manage Vishay precision resistors. One half of it ensures even before the first composed of individual transistors braze-on and employees without feedback precursor slowdown. The second network will come only after the amplification to the course to keep the signal to noise as cheap as possible. And so it does mean “hat time off”, because the testers have seen a similar consistent rule to date still in any amplifier.

In addition to other relays for the input selection, two slots in the eye fall at the back of the amplifier. One takes a 7.1 surround Board (360 euros) an optional MM or MC plate (220 euros), the other, which provides additional inputs and outputs and multi-channel controls the volume.

As alternative to the latter, Densen offers also a retrofit crossover tailored according to customer’s request for 700 euros, which can assign the bass portions to an external power amplifier. Finally, even a multi contact socket for connecting an external power supply with a separate transformer for the precursors and additional Elko Power storage capacity (DNRG, 650 euros) can be found at 175 B.

Really amazing, because the already built-in capacitors – eight thicker with 6800 and seven thinner with 1000 Microfarads – offer basically already capacity enough, befitting to feed the input circuits and power amplifier sections. Apart from the two thick fell transistors on each side of the channel and the drivers, the tiny SMD components of the amplifier moves right and left on the Teflon fiber compound Board is also not particularly hungry work.

But caution, such as such as Ayre and Brinkmann rejects best out of fear that the speaker improperly re may impact on the amplifier, a feedback correction loop leading from the output to the input stages. Therefore, it needs already home from an ultra-low distortion design and an oversized power supply including large toroidal transformer, may nothing vary and no twitch. So fewer feedback Glossed, as a rather real inner values of B 175 offers. They listened to finally extensively and with pleasure increasing from plate to plate the tester.

Showed the B 175 with joy what treasures alone provides the bass range – only the very best make the amplifier. Not only print and dark outlines, but (and the remembered even the Ayre reference Mono blocks from the March issue) a substance and a weight that can bring a balance to the rash. And many warm shades such as textures and a captivating vitality with their description alone a book would be complete.

Paradise also the mids: completely airy rooms they were allowed to unfold in vivid, fruity and colorful bright ad libitum. And in the heights with nothing more than the natural elements metal percussions beamed, without that disrupted the slightest Misty fitting or rough corner.

So invited the best not only to long musical tours, he gave new glamour also extensively known CDs. For example Chesky’s 20th anniversary: it’s great how fresh the amp the brass plate triumph. Glorious, as dissolved and smooth the string arrangements of the Allegro Energico flowed, came roaring up, are required. Wonderful, like the cheerful bouncing rhythm of hot jazz of “My Blue Heaven” pulled the listener into the spell. “Grandmother” (Chesky records) went with his elongated Lutes, with the air and lip trembling, with almost palpable present Rebecca Pidgeon to heart as rare.

Thus the B 175 clearly an other greats, the integrated amplifier, Brinkmann challenged (5/09, 57 points). The imposed first appeared but also nervous and not quite so completed balanced with even bulkier bass and treble slightly thinner, in contrast to the Stoic calm B 175. Thus ended the comparison last but in favor of the Danes.

An another Dane, the GamuT DI 150 (4/08, 58 points), with all its precision joined the now and to attack to prevent the rise of the fellow countryman in the premier class of the transistor. Well, for a reference title, some more Schmackes and more power would have required B 175…

It was enough for 58 points but loosely, and thus the best justifies its price also always – because we take the remote control “Gizmo” for again 220 euro even with joy to.