American Trench Clothing

It is fun to make new friends and find new brands. During Pitti Uomo in Florence in June so we met Jacob Hurwitz, one of the founders of the American American Trench. We talked to American fashion and crafts for a while and had the opportunity to know a little of their products.

American Trench Clothing

The brand that was founded on new year’s Eve 2012 came to when they wanted to highlight the knowledge and manufacturing that is actually present in the United States today. The inspiration was a trench coat as a founding bought in London 3 years earlier. They started in the same way that many young companies today by launching its first collections on a so-called crowd funding platform, in this case the Kick starter.

Initially it was a coat that was sold. As they toured the United States and visited factories so they got their eyes for other goods such as socks, knitted accessories and clothing. Today they have over 60 stores in addition to their own webshop.

Knitted goods has become a major element of American Trench.

When it started the brand so it was built around several key principles. As to produce beautiful products. But they have no product. To create products with a lasting value by using quality materials and outstanding design. To never be satisfied without the next product must always be better. Finally, that anything that can be manufactured in the United States also should do it.

After about 2.5 years planned so therefore the first product in the form of a trench coat made in Newark, New Jersey. The Outer fabric is it felt Valve which is woven in England, and hr made it since 1943, by American Supima cotton. This fabric is, among other things, the same fabric as the Private White VC use. It is 100% cotton woven so tightly that it is totally water resistant. Originally used this fabric during World War II to fly outfits British troops who flew over the North Atlantic.

If you wish to see a black watch Plaid lining to add to the coat. This is produced also in cotton in a small weaving mill in North Carolina.

Overcoat with Blackwatchmönstrat feed.

Blackwatchfodret in detail.

In the past year, however, the company sells socks as most of we got actually a couple to test by the owner and can vouch for the fact that they are really nice and välstickade. A little hot even with thick wool socks in fair isle pattern. Otherwise have it now for the summer season of thinner socks in Merino extra fine who knit at a small firm in Reading, Pennsylvania.They also have a large selection of stockings in the finest supima cotton knit with a family business in North Carolina.

A couple of quality shoes deserves a couple of quality stockings.

Water repellent properties is in the company’s raincoats.

For more information about the brand, we recommend a visit to theAmerican Trench website.