Amazon and Apple Want to Be Our Digital Portfolios in Physical Stores

The last few days there have been two news featured in the segment of the mobile payments. First, the rumor of the Wall Street Journal about the hypothetical Apple mobile payment system. The second, data that talk about now – also in the WSJ – that Amazon also wants to implement the payment system Kindle Checkout in all types of physical stores.

Or a company nor the other have confirmed these projects, but it seems obvious that this year we will see how these initiatives and many others try to conquer the usual buyer, that is still going shopping but now you will have one weapon in his power to make purchases: your mobile device.

I have left me on the mobile credit card

Mobile payment systems have been long seeking to establish itself in the market, and to solutions such as those from long ago Square Add tries to implement in United States iZettle in Europe (including Spain) and, of course, the large payments online and in the physical world. PayPal, Mastercard and VISA have been long trying to offer the best proposals in this area.

None of them seems to have ended win buyers who use their mobile devices for many things, but not – for now – to this type of operations. That’s where come from Amazon and Apple, to proposals they play with a small but important advantage: of that many users already used in their mobile applications.

Apple seems to have even more options thanks to its market share in the segment of smartphones. In fact, It will be interesting to see if that option leaves the ground IOS that Apple usually does not go out unless there are powerful reasons. In this case, of course, there are: despise commissions of that 90-95% of people not using iOS seems to commercial suicide.

Successful once more e-commerce giant?

If anyone knows about e-commerce, that is Jeff Bezos, that has created a company that even with its lights and shadows is one of which no doubt driving the heavy wheel of innovation – whether or not disruptive – in the world of technology.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon would offer to the owners of the stores Kindle tablets and readers of credit cards as well as web-based tools for data analysis that would help those traders to take more advantage of these solutions. That development would be involved engineers that the company signed last year of the company GoPago.

As also indicated in the Journal, Amazon not they will miss you competitors, but it has its strengths. For example, the 230 million users of its e-commerce website -that it exceeds long 142,6 million PayPal users-.

Richard Crone, a firm that advises on payment systems, claimed that “the war of mobile payments is going to win or lose in the process of physical payment, which is where virtually all trade is carried out today”. So: it is estimated that 90% of all purchases are made even in physical stores, and this juicy ground which now seems that both Amazon and Apple want to try to conquer.

Google, Bitcoins and iBeacons

No one wants to give up that juicy segment, and long ago that Google also promotes its service Wallet. In fact, its makers claim that this platform was one of the primary responsibility of the fantastic last quarter that Google had in 2013 in its financial results.

Wallet, however, is a great unknown in many countries such as ours, where the lack of mobile payment systems denotes the location of a market still in its infancy, which alternatives trying to gain popularity while users have just believed the advantages of the jump to a world without credit cards (physical).

But even the new monetary systems are becoming an alternative for users concerned about the privacy of these transactions. That is where comes full bitcoin, virtual currency – not according to Norway-which is becoming more popular–although others try to replace it – and that some stores already accepted as currency.

And to complete the circle, we have This technology called iBeacons who also want to involve itself permanently in our purchasing processes. These small dispositivos-cotilla will detect our step (or rather, our mobile) by certain stores and will make those stores offers arriving us for example in the process of attracting customers who will be part of the new shopping experience. We get used to this technological binge eating when we go out shopping?

And while, in Spain…

Mobile payments fever also has infected between several of the most important companies that operate in our country. Among the highlights are not only the proposals from Mastercard, VISA or PayPal that we mentioned, but others very oriented to our market.

It should be noted the presence of those three giants in our country through various initiatives. In the case of PayPal, We have access for some time to your prepaid card, while long time that Mastercard PayPass is available in some large stores in our country. VISA also it has landed in our country recently with, and banks as Banesto are trying time with a strategy similar to the PayPal, since this entity also offers card prepaid Banesto 3.0.

Among the alternatives, one of the prominent is BBVA Wallet -not to confound with BBVA Wizzo, social purse-, a proposal of this banking giant that is trying to promote its own virtual wallet following the guidelines that Google has been offering long – not in vain have caught borrowed brand that Google used internationally. The result, as we saw on Engadget, is more than decent.

The second of our outstanding is Vodafone Wallet – and give you with the mental – the digital portfolio which this operator also wanted to start to try to make progress in this competitive field. The mobile application is combined with the use of a card universal prepaid, Vodafone Smartpass, and this 2014 will certainly be a year in which these solutions should begin to settle in our country.