Alleged HTC M7 Design Is Filtered

The M7 HTC will be considered the vessel, the Taiwanese company’s logo this 2013, its new model for the high-end and he expected his first appearance in public at the Mobile World Congress which will be held in the coming month. There was a leak of its possible features and now is the turn of your possible design.

Although we do not give data for insurance, source EVLeaks has successful in all leaks that he gave last year, so we can take it as a very reliable guide. The terminal is still committed to a powerful hardware and acquires a design that can remember the iPhone 5 in a terminal that tries to have the less better frame.

Another detail that can be seen is that most likely disappears the logo of the company on the front. It would be a strange change that has not been seen too often, because everyone wants to see your brand in the terminals.

Between your specifications we have a display of 4.7 inch Full HD 1080 p and a processor of Quad-core with a capacity of 1.7 accompanied of 2GB of RAM. It would also be equipped with a rear camera which comes to 13 megapixels (f/2.0) and a front 2 megapixel camera, all with an internal memory of 32GB and a battery of 2. 300mAh.

The two sections that attract us attention the infrared port and the incorporation of a software with learning capability, Although you will still have no details about this last. We will have to wait for the Mobile World Congress that enterprise show it for the first time to the public.