ALK CoPilot Live

The ALK CoPilot makes impression with live trace, and one of the fastest route calculations at all.

In contrast to the competitors from our site and NAVIGON ALK in the latest version for the iPhone 4 provides no new maps. For the app with prices ranging from 20 to 50 Euro depending on country version also costs a bit less. For an additional fee, you can get a text-to-speech voice (4 euros), the live traffic service with 1 year subscription costs around 14 euros.

The live tracking service with which it is not only possible en route to locate friends, but to achieve what allows you to also operate smaller fleets over the Internet has always been included for free.

Many features, fast function

ALK has implemented slightly differently than the competitors the background service: even without active guidance remains the GPS reception for the deactivation of the app first. Only after a few minutes stops power-consuming reception the positioning satellites. Otherwise, the fast switching of the programmes and the navigation in the background work here very well.

The operation of the software works very well thanks to the clear menu structure. You can adjust much, for some even too much, but you can reduce the number of the displayed options also. The ALK CoPilot is also above all one: fast, very fast. Six seconds is the route from Stuttgart to Hamburg, route recalculations were with the fastest we have ever measured. This one can optimize the order at several intermediate – very handy.

The colourful map display may not be everyone’s thing, but like the overview and the liquid map. Small inconsistencies crept in but on the test route in the route guidance, the announcements come bit early, in one case, the app was also a false statement. The static highway down bending graphics appear also in the city, which is awkward, because you put back some meters in the blind.