Affordable Women’s Clothing

The 10 hits of the broke, this is our new selection of weekly mode, consisting of accessible clothes for girls who do not have a minimum wage to slam into their wardrobe


Because there is always the bank account it wants to make us believe in women’s magazines. Because coats, shoes and headlines to 1050 balls is nice but it is far from our essential of the week. Because at some point we must restore the real truth, tavu, here’s 10 hits of the week of the swath.

1. Little tartan skirt

The tartan is in fashion this season, and what better than a small skirt of schoolgirl pleated to the preppy sauce? In the gray tones, and more, it goes with everything, big Irish sweater or turtleneck.

2. Salmon satchel

To change the now traditional bags, Brown bags, you can opt for a year-end holiday color: salmon.

3. Soft sweater, hit Kashmir

TeX at Carrefour is now a series of colorful and soft sous-pulls. If you’re not informed sweaters, it’s a good compromise!

4. Riding boots

No need to be subscribed to a riding club. Today the cavalier style boots are also in town in jeans for example. These are rubber, perfect in the rain or snow.

5. Neck stuffed and belted parka

Parka Canadian at Pimkie way with a placket on both sides, a belt and collar in fake fur. To wear with a skirt with a colorful skinny jeans as well. The more daring can even wear a fedora hat to edges wide with plum color, for the masculine/feminine side.

6 7/8 Red skinny jeans

In the autumn 2011 rockabilly trend, the Red skinny jeans is ideal. If it is cut in 7/8, that is, ankles, it even better ets. You can stay in only red and black look if you want to accentuate this rock side.

7 Cape Prince of Wales

A cape in Scottish print that changes all of the camel versions archi-vues.

8 Sweater Teddy

A blankie to puffy wrists sweater. The Ecru curly stitch gives a look of little polar bear hyper comforting in winter.

9 Offset bandage

Boot offset in suede to which we associate tights or SOCKS rising under penalty to get frostbite. They’re better with pants that move the ankle, so a 7/8 pants.

10 Body in tulle

A body very Princess Tam Tam in style with a part in tulle with polka dots and others in a fabric satin.