Advantages of LED Lamp

You have probably heard a lot about LED light bulbs and how advantageous they are when compared to other types. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode who in translation means “led”. Is nothing more than a conduit of energy with proficiency to emit light to the naked eye.

Before the LED was only used as flag of electronic devices such as radio and television, indicating whether it was on or not. Today’s LED innovative technology in the lighting market.

How about knowing a little more about this new technology and meet the real advantages of it? Check below some reasons to invest in LED lighting already:

  • Low cost:

This is the feature most widely spoken when it comes to lighting. The big advantage of LED lamp is the energy saving that it provides up to 80%. That’s because the diode has a nice light capacity causing the production of light is larger by using less energy. In other words, much of the electrical current is passed through the product is rolled back on lighting and not in heat.

  • Long shelf life:

The large capacity light LED lamps have they last up to 25 times longer than incandescents and 3 times more than the fluorescents. A LED lamp used for 8 hours a day, for example, can last up to 17 years, and still suffers little change in brightness over time.

It is noteworthy also that for being resistant to vibrations, the LED does not suffer failures in the transmission, eliminating the need for the reactors and lighting instantly.

  • Safe lamp

Unlike the fluorescent LED lamp does not emit ultraviolet radiation nor cause eyestrain as the other people that has no mercury and no other toxic substance in your composition, a sign that is less harmful to health. By having low heat radiation the lamp never mind making the environment more comfortable.

Not to mention that the functioning of these lamps require low voltage, which reduces the risk of shock on time to change it and allows installation in humid environments such as swimming pools and garden corners.

  • Innovative design

Besides economic and functional LED lamps are also decorative. This type of lamp you can control the luminous flux (light intensity), vary in hue from white in lighting, choosing the right tone for each environment and still use them in colored versions.

Compatible with virtually every installation are easy replacements for the most commonly used types and feature a plethora of models and features. The LED lamp features compact versions, but with shafts of light very efficient by assigning specific functions to each model.

  • Sustainable

How do not have metal filaments, mercury or toxic substances in the composition, the LED lamp emits no pollutants to the environment and can even be recycled.

The fact that generate electric economy also sorts the LED lamp as a sustainable product. As she does not waste heat, reduces the consumption of electricity, reducing the environmental impacts are caused. The LED lamp also emits no heat, which can assist in running the air conditioner, for example, which uses less electrical loads to work.