Adoption from Pregnancy in Mexico

A similar initiative to which it gave out a few months ago in the adoption as an alternative to abortion, seeks to avoid abortion through a system of adoption made probate when the baby is still in the womb. Any woman seeking an abortion during the first 12 weeks of gestation will be informed in all Mexican hospitals about this new possibility and so try to avoid this outcome.

Of course, this is only a proposal that made some members of the PAN (national action party) to try to reform the so-called law of health local, specifically in the paragraph that refers to the request for termination of pregnancy and that hospitals must comply with this request. In the Netherlands, this initiative is already taking place and it seems that the results are quite satisfactory with maternity shoes from
Inform moms that they try to abort on the possibility of giving birth a life and give the baby up for adoption, help meet the desire of many couples to become parents and also about the risks that she herself may be abort will allow that in the end the decision is the most successful and always in a free way and without coercion.

If a mother decides to give the baby up for adoption should ratify its decision in court, but there is no problem in the case that you change opinion and decide to stay with the baby. The family wanted to adopt it will run charges generated in the pregnancy but at the contrary decision of the mother, the Government of the country would take it over these expenses compensating those who had been foster parents. This point seems very interesting and preserves first and foremost the interests of the MOM and the baby, since change decision when you see your son and not giving it up for adoption is something that can be easily.

We think it is a very important step that all countries should assess.