Adolfo DomíNguez Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 at The Cibeles Fashion Week

Within the review that we have been doing with the highlights of the Cibeles Fashion Week for this next Fall-winter 2011-2012 We could not overlook an essential for any man that boasts stylish: Adolfo Dominguez.

Once more the Galician designer met the expectations leaving innovations to others and presenting a collection without stridency and very sober, with Jon Kortajarena (who if not) starring the male part of the collection.

A collection completely opposed to the female part, being the latter much more colorful and edgy, while for us have proposed much more classic, loaded with style, geometric shapes and where the details of color are restricted to very specific items.

Bet on the Swan neck

In a clear attempt to draw inspiration from the style of the 70’s, items of neck swan or high they will be stars for next season. Well be combined with blazers, fleet or with long coats. Mention apart almost abusive use I would say of the wool and cotton in this collection, praticamente for great items all are committed to these tissues.

For footwear, the bet is clear, booties with laces, mostly looks combined with baggy pants, very spacious, cotton.

Long, military-inspired coats

The coats are presented with clear military inspiration. Colors such as the camel or gray in multiple variants, which continue to have a presence for this autumn-winter. In addition there were trencas point, double-sided jackets combined with frayed appearance sweaters and some nod to the tweed, as you can see in the cover image.

Regarding plug-ins, the only one that was seen was the maxi tote bag, which follows stepping firmly onto the runways, but with little success outside of these.

The color will be in pants

We find the note of color mainly in pants. Leaving us the classic neutral grey trousers, we have seen that it will be present in the rest of the collection, Adolfo Dominguez wants to give the note of color in pants on vivid colors as the mustard or orange oxide.

Ultimately a collection that stays in expected, sober, classic cuts combined with straight and geometric, betting and where the gray is still the protagonist along with neutral tones.

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